Sunday, 15 April 2007

Westglen HTM Show

FIRST SHOW!! I went to this show with a view to doing a training round with Rum as we had put a simple routine together for Starters HTM and I wasn't sure whether he would pay attention all the way through. I thought I would start the routine and if it went pear shape I had his ball on the side and was going to train the round. We walked in though and he had great fun, he perhaps lost attention once and missed a few cues towards the end, but otherwise he worked a really good round for a baby, I just wanted him to enjoy his ring experience. When the results were read out I was so pleased we had come 4th! Here's Rum's routine:

Cas was amazing, she didn't bark once!! Did a lovely routine but for some reason I couldn't get her to stay on my back too well, she ended up 4th in Intermediate Freestyle. Here's Cassie's routine: