Saturday, 17 April 2010

Jumping Bean!

Today was the first time I have 'jumped' in 10 years and the first time I had done anything with Bean.  It was the first time he also progressed to more than just trotting poles.  Am so pleased with his progress :)  Though he's already costing me money having broken a headcollar and lost a shoe!!  But everyone who meets him totally falls for him.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Introducing Bean

I know it's not dog related but I would like to introduce you to Bean!  He arrived on Saturday.

Since the weather has been better and we have had lighter nights I have found myself itching to do something. I used to ride from the age of about 7 till I had Diz when I was 15. The dogs have taken up my time and money so I haven't ridden since. Without agility I have time and money for something else. So what else but get a horse! Although so much for saving for a house!!

Bean is a 14.1h welsh section D and is almost 4 years old. I have found the most amazing livery yard just a couple of minutes down the road with 110acres I can ride over without touching roads, so Rum can come out with me which will be lovely.

I must admit the minute I got back on a horse (we looked at three on Good Friday) I felt back where I belonged and that I have 'come home' so to speak. Bean stole my heart, he has the most lovely nature, so kind and gentle. I hope to start jumping him and do some shows late summer so I will keep you up to date with our progress!

I couldn't resist buying him some bling - diamante browband :)