Sunday, 21 October 2007

AC Agility Unaf. Show

Rum had a lovely run in the jumping but I just moved away from the end of the weaves too soon and he came out of the last weave. Otherwise he went nicely and did the rest perfectly. In the helter skelter I didn’t call him enough and so right turn to him was the tunnel, I need a ‘right’ then a ‘here’ otherwise again he really powered on round the course. The agility was a tough course with a couple of big spreads, we ran a rather messy clear (there weren’t many!) – he was working ahead of me a lot so I struggled to get to a pull and we almost got a refusal, then again I struggled to get to another pull through and we were a bit messy. He ended up 3rd though so I was really pleased. He was running so nicely he really felt right, it was the first time he had done anything since the chiropractor, think it must have helped! All classes were combined 1-7.

Cas had a couple of poles down in the jumping as it was quite slippy first thing and it was just her slipping that caused them to fall, we had a messy bit anyway as I tried to handle her too much like Rum! In the helter skelter she had a lovely run which I handled from a distance and came 3rd. We won’t mention the agility – she missed her A-frame so I put her back over and it just got worse from then on!!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Agility Addicts

Rum is working so nicely I am dead chuffed with him, in the agility runs he just missed one jump which I couldn’t figure out how to handle – the rest was so nice and his contacts were stunning. In the Jump N Gamble he had a nice round, though he had a twizzle at one point as I didn’t collect and send him enough, but we went clear and so I attempted the Super Gamble (staying behind a line sending over a jump, into a tunnel and calling through the weaves) – he did it perfectly and ended up 4th. In his Novice Jumping runs the first time I didn’t call him early enough and the second time I was nagging him while he was over a jump and he dropped the pole – if he hadn’t he would have won it. He has run so lovely today.

Cas flew her see-saw in Senior Agility so the second round I made sure she got it and she had a messy clear but came 3rd! In the Jump N Gamble she just had a pole down so we didn’t get any further. Finally in Senior Jumping she just didn’t feel right and we were totally messing up – she was really clingy and not working away so am going to get her into the chiropractor as there was something not right.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Lune Valley

First run of the day was combined 1-3 Jumping, Rum had the first pole down, I think because he was too close and broke his wait. It was a shame as he worked the rest lovely and powered down the end straight. He really struggled in the Graded 1-4 jumping as the spacings were so tight (first indoor show he has done) and he took about 5 poles out which is extremely unlike him! He had a lovely run in the Combined 1-3 Agility and finished 2nd. Last run was Graded 1-4 Agility and I think we had the nicest run we have ever done, he took the pole out before the dogwalk on a tight turn, which was a real shame!

Cas (don’t ask!) I got a bit lost in Combined 4-5 Jumping and she came to me, in Graded 5-7 Agility she flew off her dogwalk into the tunnel (naughty dog!) so I put her back on and continued. In Graded 5-7 Jumping she ran lovely but again I was a bit unsure, hesitated and we had a refusal, in the final Combined 4-5 Agility she flew her A-frame but did the rest lovely.