Monday, 31 March 2008

Agility Addicts

Rum's first run was Novice Jumping, we went clear but it was sooooo messy, he was very wide and I found it really difficult to turn him, in his second round he had his Welsh head on so I took him out, we came 4th. He was unsure why I wasn't running with him in the Easter Egg Race and pulled off a jump, shame as the rest was nice. In his Novice Agility he had a nice clear but his contacts were very slow (been having trouble with them lately speed wise), his second round he knocked 2 seconds off his time but had a pole down, he came 4th in the end.

Cassie's first run was Senior Agility, both rounds she missed her contacts despite me putting her back on, I give up with agility. In Senior Jumping we had a pole down in the first run but had a nice clear second time round (see video) and came 2nd. Then we had an easy blast round the Easter Egg Race and came 3rd.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Crufts - Jumping

I left Cas in the van for the morning as Crufts gets so busy at the weekend, she was happier in the van. Got her in for the Senior Jumping in the YKC ring which was a trial in itself as it was sooooo busy!! Walked the course and I thought how nice it was, however I would have to be careful not to call her too early on a couple of turns as I would risk the pole down. Paws were covered in paw spray and we were running 8th. First hurdle was not knocking the first jump down, took a bit of a risk by sending her into the flat tunnel while cutting the corner but I made sure I told her tunnel. Managed to get a front cross in for the first turn and Cas almost picked up the weaves which I did not see her doing, just called her off in time though! Phew! Then I made sure I didn't rush her and went every step of the way as when they run on carpet they don't seem to commit as early as they do normally. Anyway we finished 3rd!!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Crufts - Freestyle

We were too late to be able to practice in the main ring, so we only had a chance to practice a bit in the collecting area. We were running 5th and went into the main ring which was amazing! However Cas didn't think so, she got quite worried about the size of the audience and wasn't her usual self during the routine - missed some jumps and also didn't do her elephant trick very well. Poor girl. However we did a display in the YKC ring later that day which she really enjoyed and performed really well. :-)

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Agility Addicts

Rum's first run was Novice Jumping, started off really well but when he should have turned left he carried on and got eliminated, not sure why as I shouted left really loudly - I think I may have still been running forward. In his second run I didn't get a long enough wait and he ran into me after the flat tunnel and over the wrong jump - pity as the rest of the round was nice. In the Speed Jumping he did exactly the same and ran round the jump after the flat tunnel, rest of the round was lurvly! In agility he was having such a stunning round, absolutely amazing contacts only to run round the last jump - you know the feeling and everyone who is watching groans!! In the second round he turned while over a jump and his back legs hit the wing and sent the whole thing flying, came out of the ring and he wouldn't put any weight on the leg, he is still not completely comfortable but better than it was.

Cassie's first run was Senior Jumping, she had a messy wide clear where I also got lost!! So I pushed her the second time (improved time by about 3 seconds!) but had a pole down - 3rd to last as I didn't give her enough space. Then the Speed Jumping in which she had 2 poles down. Last runs were Senior Agility, in the first round she missed her dogwalk so I put her back on - she went on to get A-frame lovely. In the second round her contacts were lovely and she did a start line wait, but came out of the last weave - twice!! Totally unlike her but I think I may have been moving away.

So pretty annoyed with myself as they have worked well but I haven't LOL!