Saturday, 17 November 2007

Newton Heath Agility Show

First grade 4 classes for Rum today. Our first run was in Graded 4-5 Jumping. I hadn't had chance to walk it and it looked a tricky course for him but he ran it really well, I was so pleased with him, we just had 5 faults for a dropped pole which was my fault as I commanded him while he was over it. I was glad he knocked the pole though as he saw his lead before the finish and we had a massive wide turn as he almost went to it! Next was Graded 4-5 Agility, I knew I couldn't get him past the start - it was a really tight pull through and he had landed miles past it, however I did get him through and was so shocked I didn't get him back over the jump lol and we were Eliminated. Gave me a chance to really push and reinforce his contacts and he was fab! We won't mention Time Fault & Out!!

First grade 6 classes for Cas today. Our first run was in Graded 6-7 Jumping, well what can I say? I don't think we did anything right and looked like we had never done agility before! Hee hee, I think I was handling her too much like Rum and we got Eliminated several times. Graded 6-7 Agility was next and I thought what a nice easy course it was but Cas had other ideas and ran round the A-frame instead of over it! Shame as she did her contacts lovely. Finished the day on a good note with Combined 6-7 Time, Fault & Out and we put in a lovely run, got to number 20 before the time ran out and looking at the results they were mainly grade 7s that got to 21.

A little bit disheatened as I was so rusty with Cas but it was nice to finish on a good note with her and Rum is coming on nicely.