Sunday, 25 January 2015


So I thought we should try a bit of flyball, just to see how he is in an even more hyped up enviroment and seeing as he comes from a flyball family! 

He loved it, he flew down the line of jumps to his tuggy getting faster and faster the more he did.  We had a go at the box and only needed to be shown what to do once so we were allowed to progress to picking up the ball.  Again he did it perfectly, grabbed his ball, brought it over a jump and latched on to his tuggy.

Would love to do some more with him, just need a club a bit closer as we went to Shrewsbury for the taster.  It's a bit of a distance to do regularly.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Dave Munnings Training

We popped down to The Dog Barn this morning for some training with Dave again - I hadn't realised it was a Monday morning this time so had to get up super early to get there in time.  Took me a lot longer than in normal traffic.  Worth it though, we had great fun and I saw a real improvement in Sweep - so did Dave.  His drive and 'go' was a lot better than last time, we have been working on it away from agility.  I do now need to work on drive to just one jump and do a bit more.