Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dizzy - Sleep Tight

I haven't brought myself to post this on any of my social media channels as I just don't think I could cope with seeing all the comments of RIP, sorry etc etc. Am not ready for it and have only just brought up the courage to post this here. We lost Dizzy earlier this month, we miss her terribly, we do have Sweep who takes our minds off things and makes us laugh again but he will never replace Dizzy.

Dizzy was probably a month or so short of her 15th birthday. She had been a shadow of herself for a little while and had not been able to manage walks but she did still want to play ball even though it took an hour to fetch! She was happy and pain free.

She was gradually stopping eating until she stopped completely and couldn't move at all.  We made her comfortable and had to say our goodbyes.

She did really well for a dog with a metal rod in her spine since the age of three! We never had a good go at agility as our first year there was foot & mouth and the next year she was retired.  Heelwork to music involved constantly checking the audience were watching and obedience was what she really did well at.

Diz only had to be shown how to do something once & she knew what she had to do. I never really trained her, just showed her what I wanted. She was a great first dog, I had wanted a dog for years.

The only thing she ever hated unfortunately turned out to be Cas & vice versa, till the end. Luckily when I moved out we could split them so they were both a lot happier.

I am glad I stayed with her until the end and I know now she is happy to run and be free again. I feel a sense of relief, I was dreading the day, but now she is gone I do feel relieved that she is free from pain and happy again.

I am sure she was part human, there will never be a dog as clever as Diz. Sleep tight Diz dog, go and keep Missy company.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sweep - Skateboarding!

I had a very busy day today. My handler took me to the vet who stuck a needle in me - ouch! I don't like travelling in that car thing, it makes me bark and howl, my handler says I have to go out in it more often.

I met this little board on wheels called a skateboard and you have to put your paws on it and push it along, great fun. Gina took this video 5 minutes after I was first introduced to it.

Then I had some friends to play with who are Gina's cousins, they were great fun to play with. It is a bit hot though so I slept mostly during the day.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Sweep - Water Baby

It is so hot, my handler got a paddling pool out for me. I like to bark and the water then jump in and paw it.

She got that clicker thing out again and I sat and lay down and got lots of treats!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sweep - Walkies!

Today my handler carried me to the local shops as she said that things called cars can be a bit scary but I didn't think so really.
I played in the garden with my tuggy and my handler had this great think that clicked and whenever it did that I got a treat! A clicker I believe. There was a large noisy monster in the garden called a lawnmower but I didn't think it was scary.

I met a ginger collie called Rum but he didn't really like me, I am not sure why as I haven't done anything horrible to him.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sweep - A Busy Day & a Trip Out

Today I had lots of fun playing in the garden with someone known as my handler, all I know is she is great fun to play with and gives good cuddles!  I found a nice pink ball which I kept being told was a bit girly but I didn't care, I thought it was great as it got thrown for me then I would take it back, have a game of tuggy and chase after it again.
I met a little white collie called Cas who was a lot calmer and quieter than the sheltie but when I started barking at her to put her in her place she quickly put me back in mine. I can boss the sheltie about all the time.

I played with a human puppy and tried to get the balls out of her toy.

Then this evening we went to see someone called a vet who gave me lots of fuss and a treat. We took one of those cat things with us and the vet person jabbed something into his neck, it made ME squeak but he didn't seem bothered.

After all that I got back home and had a good play with that hairy sheltie! Oh and they keep shouting Sweep today a lot.

Monday, 12 May 2014


Introducing Ferrous A Touch of Danger, no pet name yet! He has come as a bit of a shock (in a good way) as mum had been thinking July time for a pup. However I had seen a photo of this boy and thought he was gorgeous then his breeder announced that his new home had fallen through. Mum and I talked and we just couldn't let him slip by as we didn't know where to start looking in a couple of months and I liked the breeder and lines of this pup. You feel guilty for recently losing Diz but he will never replace her and she wouldn't want us to stop living because of it, she hated seeing us upset. She loved collie boy pups too!

So pup came home, I am a great believer in that everything happens for a reason and what is meant to be is meant to be.

For the collie people out there he is a mix of canen and locheil lines.  He is bred by Donna Thorpe, he is a lovely cuddly, friendly boy.

I will post his diary on my Disco Dogs Blog

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Vileda Style Sunplash All Purpose Cloth Review

Vileda sent us some products to test and I will review them one by one, our first product review is the Style Sunplash All Purpose Cloth.

For all of the other reviews please visit our other blog: Team Stokey Blog

Vileda Style Sunplash All Purpose Cloth
I actually have been using this type of cloth in the kitchen for a while.  I find them really useful for wiping down the worksurfaces.  They soak up a lot of liquid so if you have spilt something (usually when I open a new milk carton it goes everywhere!) they come in very handy.  They also then rinse out really well and will wipe the surface down and not leave a lot of water everywhere so the worksurface dries quickly.
They are great as when they are getting a bit dirty they can just be thrown in the washing machine and come up like new.  I have found after 4 or 5 washes they do tend to go a bit thin and rag like so I usually will then replace and use the old one for dirtier jobs (like wiping down the utility room).
The only time I didn't find these brilliant was if you have a spillage on the carpet and have animals then they tend to pick up any hairs that may be about and then they are difficult to get off so you then can't use the cloth on worksurfaces.  I tend to therefore use an older cloth for jobs like this as they are good at soaking up spillages.
So overall I would recommend the product as they do come in very handy, it would be good if they did them in a range of colours though as they do only come in yellow.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Make it Your Race 2013

I have entered Abarth's Make it Your Race 2013 and would be really grateful for your votes, just have to click on my page and vote! :)

My Abarth Challenge Page

Here is my challenge video:

Friday, 14 June 2013