Saturday, 26 January 2008

Agility Addicts Show

Rum’s first run was Novice Agility 1, stupid me thought I will keep my mouth shut while he is jumping before the weaves but then I forgot to open it again to tell him to weave – so we had 5R, then he had a pole down. I really drove his contacts and made him wait. In Novice Agility 2 I put him at the wrong angle at the first jump and he went jump 1 and he then cut across and took the wrong jump, real shame as he had a beautiful round otherwise. In the Jump N Gamble he was way ahead of me, told him right but he didn’t take the right closest to him and got E’d. Finally Novice Jumping 1 and it was a hard start, getting E’d virtually straight away. For Novice Jumping 2 I changed my handling and he was going so lovely, apparently his time was quicker than any of the others, however I didn’t call firmly enough and he got E’d one jump from the end!

Cassie’s first run was Senior Agility 1, off she went, pinged A-frame, Senior Agility 2 the same thing happened, I put her back both times but to be quite honest I am sure she wasn’t bothered at all! Jump N Gamble, had a lovely speedy clear, then we got the Super Gamble only to find out we had been E’d as the stupid handler crossed the gamble line – would have won it otherwise, grrrr!! Senior Jumping 1 was a tough course but I got her round it clear, was amazed, jumped for joy! So for Senior Jumping 2 I thought I would really push her round and tighten turns, we managed to knock a second off our original time and won it!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Ribble Agility Show

Rum just had two runs today, his first was Combined 1-4 Jumping in which he decided he was going to do what he wanted to do, followed by a pairs run when again he went off doing what he wanted to do so I called him back and firmly told him 'no' after which he finished off the run lovely - first time he has ever played me up in the ring!

Cas had 4 runs, her first was the Olympia Combined 6-7 Agility, after the first jump she got herself E's backjumping the long jump as I didn't set her up at enough of an angle, such a shame as she was stunning round the rest and got all her contacts! In Grade 6 Jumping she was really listening, another stunning run but she had 2 poles down. In pairs I can't quite remember what happened but we got E'd somewhere or other lol! Then Grade 6 Agility she missed her dogwalk so I put her back in and took her out.

So this week Cas worked really nicely and it was Rum who was on another planet! Just can't seem to work 2 dogs well at the same show - Dashin Dogs was a one off last September! On another note Lee had his first show with Scott who was amazing, have a look at his site for the video.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Wilmslow Agility Show

An if only day for Rum & I. Our first run was graded 4-5 jumping, to be honest I expected an E at number 3 as it was a corner of a box and there was a jump they had to miss to come round the corner and we have always been E'd on those before - this time I stayed at the start and collected him on my right instead of going with him, he did it lovely and tight and went lovely from there on, got a tricky weave entry but I called him over a jump and he dropped the pole! Sack the handler, would have been 3rd otherwise. Graded 4-5 agility and he again had a lovely round but pulled out of the last weave as I moved too soon, his dogwalk and A-frame were a little slow but he hasn't been training for weeks. Last class was combined 4-5 agility and his A-frame was gorgeous (went straight down and then I released), he just saw a jump as a trap I hadn't and I was too late calling him - big E - shame as he ran his dogwalk and the rest really fantastically.

Cas was on another planet again, I don't know what the matter is with her lately. Combined 6-7 Agility she missed her dogwalk so I walked out. Graded 6-7 agility she had a pole down so I made sure she got her dogwalk, she ran nicely but then missed her A-frame so I put her back on it. Last run was graded 6-7 jumping and she just totally ignored me and went off on one doing her own course!

Saturday, 5 January 2008


I had entered Rum into Starters Dressage with his Syncopated Clock routine, it was a small room, really packed and he was quite stressed but did some nice bits and ended up 5th. Then his first novice class with a new routine to 500 Miles, he worked the first half well but then switched off a bit so I got the tuggy out and trained the rest, with it being novice the length of the music has increased and I must admit he struggled with it, so need to work on that!!

I was really pleased with Cas, a new routine for Advanced Freestyle - Well Did You Evah - she had a couple of little barks and I had to amend a bit mid flow as I could feel her about to go into full bark! She came 5th which I was really pleased with.