Sunday, 28 September 2008

Dashin Dogs

On Saturday Rum really crashed into the last jump in his jumping class and Sunday he knocked 3 poles which is unlike him so I think he may still have been a little bit sore though he isn't lame. He had a 4th in Grade 5 Jumping and that was with a detour, me thinking he was faulted and just standing there letting him work the course lol! He was naughty in Dog Vegas agility so I held his contacts. His contacts have been fab all weekend though his a-frame was quite creepy in his last class.

Cas had a 5th in Grade 6 Jumping, nice run and then knocked a pole in Comb 6-7 Jumping. She had a fab agility round on Sunday getting all her contacts but I pulled her past a jump grrrr! Then she was naughty in both jumpings and I had to pull her out which I have never done in jumping so am still a bit unsure about her.

Ember had a 4th in Comb 6-7 Jumping and that was with a twizzle as I struggled to keep up! The agility classes weren't Ember courses so I reinforced her contacts. She was storming round Grade 6 Jumping when her stupid handler started sending her the wrong way - major major grrrrr!

HUGE well done to Lee and Scott who won two Grade 4 Agility classes (their first time in G4) :-) Am glad to be home, it was a bit mad with 12 runs I didn't seem to stop especially Sunday!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bromsgrove Agility


I judged Graded 1-2 Agility and Grade 3 Agility. It was my first time judging and I really enjoyed it. Here are my courses, 1-2 on the left and 3 on the right.


Ran Rum in Graded 5-7 Jumping which I hadn't walked! He was naughty as shuffled in his wait and went round the first jump, so I put him back and he worked lovely apart from completely flattening a spread which was on a turn. Then Combined 1-7 Agility and he picked up the wrong tunnel entry, rest was lovely. Finally Burns Derby and he got his contacts but then the jumping was jump weave and the weave was on a funny angle which he didn't get as it was also quite tight and his stride just took him past it. This time last year Rum was winning Grade 3 Agility so am pleased with the progress he's made over the year.

Cas I ran the G5-7 Jumping and she had a pole and the spread down, then C1-7 Agility and the naughty so and so missed her dogwalk and then A-frame so I put her back on, in C6-7 Agility she got her dogwalk but then was being weird and sort of switched off so I took her out - am a bit worried about how she was in that class.

Ember missed he weaves in C5-7 Jumping, she struggles when they aren't following a jump, so this was a pull through and send to the weaves and she just cannot pick this type of entry up. Then C6-7 Agility and she missed her dogwalk so put her back on then got her A-frame but released herself so put her back on and took her out, I didn't run the last agility as it would have sent her round the bend!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Paws In The Park


Rum ran in C4-5 Jumping first and it was really twisty we got E'd early on but he ran it nicely until we got to a pull through which he wouldn't pull through!!! Then Graded 4-5 Agility and he was lovely, his contacts nice and quick again and I just felt he really listened - did two pull throughs lol, but he did something weird between the A-frame and weaves and am not sure why so he had 5R - having watched video back I still don't know why he did it.

Cas ran in Graded 6-7 Agility and procedeed to miss her contacts and we made a right hash of it. Then we ran Combined 6-7 Jumping which was a tricky course (perfect for us) and I was in shock we got round it, over the moon, then to find out we came 3rd was just amazing, in a combined class - wow!

Ember we won't mention was very naughty on her contacts in agility but got a nice weave entry.

Cassie's 3rd and Rum's agility 5R


Rum's first run was C5-7 Agility and I went in thinking I would train his contacts and they were awful! I have never seen them so slow!! Then Combined 3-5 Jumping and he had a cracking run but just rolled a pole, darn shame as he was running lovely. Then C3-5 Agility and we were clear but I held his contacts. I was really pleased though as two of the weave entries were REALLY tricky and he got them fine :-) Rum worked in Novice HTM and I was so pleased as have been having trouble with him switching off in the ring but he had a wobble to start but once over that worked lovely so was really pleased with him.

Cas ran C6-7 Jumping and rolled the second to last pole, a shame but I didn't feel we ran that well it wasn't our type of course. That was it for her and we went on to compete in Crufts Advanced Freestyle performing to Cotton Eye Joe and the little star came 4th gaining her qualifier for the Semis next Feb!

Ember was okay in C6-7 Jumping but rolled a pole early on, in Helter Skelter she was naughty and missed her weave entry. So I entered her into the Weave Challenge and my god she did it perfectly 2 out of 3 times and won the qualifier for the Small/Mediums but I never made the final as I was working Cas in the Freestyle - shame!

Cassie's Freestyle Routine