Sunday, 28 September 2008

Dashin Dogs

On Saturday Rum really crashed into the last jump in his jumping class and Sunday he knocked 3 poles which is unlike him so I think he may still have been a little bit sore though he isn't lame. He had a 4th in Grade 5 Jumping and that was with a detour, me thinking he was faulted and just standing there letting him work the course lol! He was naughty in Dog Vegas agility so I held his contacts. His contacts have been fab all weekend though his a-frame was quite creepy in his last class.

Cas had a 5th in Grade 6 Jumping, nice run and then knocked a pole in Comb 6-7 Jumping. She had a fab agility round on Sunday getting all her contacts but I pulled her past a jump grrrr! Then she was naughty in both jumpings and I had to pull her out which I have never done in jumping so am still a bit unsure about her.

Ember had a 4th in Comb 6-7 Jumping and that was with a twizzle as I struggled to keep up! The agility classes weren't Ember courses so I reinforced her contacts. She was storming round Grade 6 Jumping when her stupid handler started sending her the wrong way - major major grrrrr!

HUGE well done to Lee and Scott who won two Grade 4 Agility classes (their first time in G4) :-) Am glad to be home, it was a bit mad with 12 runs I didn't seem to stop especially Sunday!

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