Saturday, 10 September 2011


Oh I was a little bit stressed first thing as I had 3 runs first in the ring all fairly small classes so I warmed Cas up and took her in veterans, she had a messy clear. Then Emz into her agility and she proceeded to go jump and fly off the down dogwalk plank from the top so I picked her up and took her out – I am not having that!! Then Rum in his G6 Agility – oh he was stressed going to the ring I could feel him winding up, there were only 2 dogs in the queue and I couldn’t seem to wind him down. I didn’t have mum with me to queue so I had to try my best in the queue, he did a lovely round on a fairly tricky course just backing out of a tunnel as he wasn’t sure. Then I was back in the ring for Cas in anysize and she had a 5th .

I was grateful for the break but a little concerned as to how stressed Rum had got I was almost ready to go home then I thought for his comb 6-7 agility I would get to the ring and sit with him outside to calm him down and go when the queue was very small. You could see him relaxing as we sat and chilled so I took him when there was 1 dog in the queue, he was loads better, no stress! I held his contacts in this class, I think he had a pole down but that was it, I love Rum and his contacts, he’s a good boy. In his grade 6 jumping I admit I let him break a wait, wasn’t in the right place and completely messed up the whole of the course – it was awful but all my fault!!

Ember had another agility and actually got her contacts which I held a bit (not great position but better than her flying!!) but she slowed down loads and when she finished she just sat (not like her she’s normally running round barking) and although she walked back to the car occasionally she would stop and sit. I think she must have pulled something in her back so I didn’t run her jumping although she seemed okay later on I didn’t want to risk it.

So I know now not to take Rum straight into the ring and to get him to chill before we go in and Ember seems okay now as well. We have quite a few shows planned for October, I got a bit carried away I don’t know why I hate the cold and rain lol!! I missed Bromsgrove’s closing date.

Mark and I had THE most amazing time in Vegas and he asked me to marry him, I said yes of course and we are hoping to be married February next year – somewhere hot!!! He proposed when we were stopping on the Grand Canyon Ranch, we were out on the sunset horseback ride and asked me, giving me the ring. It was perfect, I couldn’t have wished for anything more, I’ve always fancied life as a cowgirl so I was enjoying being one lol!!

We’re looking after Diz while mum is away, she’s 12 now and is very wobbly on her back legs and struggles to climb or go down steps, and falls over a few times a day – poor old girl, but she is so happy and still charges about wanting to play like she’s a 2 year old! She isn’t too impressed that Clee keeps stealing her bed though, there’s not really room for two of them!!