Sunday, 13 July 2008

Rugby Agility

First run was Graded 1-7 Jumping (which I hadn’t walked!) and I got a wait out of him, he was soooo responsive! I was amazed as he was responding straight away to commands and I almost pulled him off a couple of jumps because of it lol! Otherwise he was fab and picked up a really tight weave entry and came 2nd in Grade 4. Then Combined 1-4 Agility and again he was so fab and his contacts were lush, I was in the wrong place and he knocked a pole. Last run was Combined 1-4 Jumping and I put him in a wait, he was naughty and jumped the finish! So I set him back up again and got a wait and he worked it lovely, again just so responsive. He has really amazed me today and just worked so well I couldn’t have asked for more.

Cas only had one run which was Graded 1-7 Jumping and she knocked the first pole, because I had her in a wait and I didn’t wait until she had cleared the first jump before I moved. Otherwise she worked it really nicely.

Ember had Graded 1-7 Agility and she knocked the first pole too, then she missed her weaves – naughty girl. Then Combined 6-7 Jumping which was a really tough course but I surprised myself and we worked really well but again missed a difficult weave entry and then was just plain naughty with her weaves!!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Cold Wet Nose

Cas had been invited to receive an award around lunchtime so we got there early to have a look round. Our first port of call was the 60 Weave Challenge which Cas loves, she did it (including 2 jumps) in a time of 16.2 (I think) and finished 4th. Then Ember did it in a time of 17. (something!) finishing 8th and Rum in a time of 19.(something). The top 8 went through to a final in the main ring later on which was two lanes each with a 2 jumps and 24 weaves between and it worked like a knockout. Ember (the only non collie in the final!) went first and was closely knocked out. Then Cas went and won through the rounds to the final and in the end came 2nd.

Cas & I received our award in the main ring at lunch time and then we did a display to Cotton Eye Joe in the main ring where my timing was a little bit out and I gave her a couple of wrong commands, but otherwise she was fab and didn’t bark!! Straight after that we were in the dance ring running a masterclass for the afternoon and used Rum and Ember. The children loved it, especially Ember as she is small enough to weave through even the smallest persons legs J I was so proud of them both, they worked harder than me lol!

At the end of the day we did some filming for CBBC, Rum did some skipping and Cas did some basketball playing :-)

Monday, 7 July 2008


Bit of a different post, Diz was retired at the age of 3-4 as had degenerative disc disease, after major spinal surjery she had her spine pinned. Anyway she has been in the wars a bit and here’s an update.

Poor old Diz has had bad diarrhoea over the weekend and it also had blood in it, we had made an appointment with the vet today anyway as she has been really stiff on her back legs. Anyway the vet says she has colitis and is on anti-inflammatories and something else, he said it should clear up okay. He messed with her back legs and she had a bit of a grumble and he confirmed (as we thought) she is arthritic and her spine was quite sore too. So has said the anti-inflammatories she is on for colitis should help the arthritis but also to look at a new treat Pedigree have out which is packed with glucosamine and has worked well for other dogs he treats and see how it goes. The other option would be to have her on Metacam but am a bit concerned about having her on that long term. So anyway no more playing ball or boisterous plays with Rum as she really pays for it the next day, sometimes she has struggled to get up.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Wellingborough Agility

Rum’s first run was combined 3-4 Agility, he went so well (a couple of wide turns) but I was so pleased with his fast contacts and his weaves were pretty quick too, two jumps from the end he thought he had finished and would go and fetch his lead – what a naughty dog!! Then in the jumping he was VERY naughty and started off so well, I shaped him into a right turn telling him right and moving that way with my body and he decided to go left! I made him lie down and sent him round some jumps but he was not listening, missed one jump out so at that point I took him out of the ring – I am not having him ignore me and thinking he knows best! Anyway in the Tunnel Vision he was fab and he really listened, I just didn’t hold my position to pull him in on a turn and he picked up the tunnel.

Cas was a star, she had a lovely steady clear in Tunnel Vision and was 16th. Then in agility she ran lovely but because I was behind her she didn’t get her contacts (am not fussed really lol!). Lastly jumping and she was amazing but just had a pole down because I was trying to get a tight turn.

Ember, well naughty Ember, in the Eukanuba I am not sure whether her dogwalk was marked but she missed it and then had 2 poles down! Otherwise she did run that quite nicely. In the circular knockout she wouldn’t wait and then missed her A-frame and weaves though she did try to get her weaves and did go on nicely. She’s such a frustrating little dog!