Sunday, 24 June 2007


I almost didn't go today as I did a bit with him yesterday and he wasn't really switched on, as well as the fact I haven't done any training with him since April! But I thought I would give him a go and if needs be turn into a training round. Well I was really pleased as he was so switched on and really paid attention, he was a little bit OTT and mouthy but better that than switched off as I want him to enjoy his ring experience at the moment. I will now work on the accuracy a bit more. He came 6th in a Starters HTM class which was quite a high standard.

Cas worked her ‘In The Mood’ routine nicely, we made a mess at one stage but otherwise she worked well and we came 2nd, so now she has enough points to go up to advanced.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

RVA Agility Show

We didn't get it right at all this weekend, first weekend coming home without a single result so a little bit disheartened. However the reason why was because he decided to step up a gear and I couldn't control him at all! I have always been with him as he has never been mega fast but this weekend he was like a bat out of hell and was going on miles ahead of me and I just couldn't get there at all. He was naughty in his one agility class and missed his dogwalk!!! So I put him back on, I have said it needed speeding up, well now it is but too quick! It's going to be difficult as he has never been that quick in training so am going to have to really work on his distance control. There's just no way on a straight line I can keep up! He had some horrible courses and sometimes he just got a bit confused about being nagged all the time, so a lot of work needed in the next couple of weeks, we haven't got an agility show until Tuffley.

It was Cassie's turn this weekend, she was amazing. Her contacts were so nice, she had a 3rd in combined 5-6 Agility and it was quite messy, she had a 2nd in combined 5-6 jumping with a lovely run and a 6th in combined 3-5 jumping. She excelled herself in the Genesis Jumping Final and came 2nd!!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Wyre Agility Show

Started off on Saturday with a messy clear in a lovely, fast straightforward graded 3-5 agility. Which he ended up 6th in grade 3, was really pleased as we lost quite a lot of time in that but he ran lovely. He had a lovely run in the trios, just dropping a pole when I said ‘tunnel.’ He struggled in graded 3-5 jumping as it was a tricky course for a baby dog so I gave him lots of praise at the end. He had a beautiful run in the combined 3-5 jumping but just dropped the second to last pole as I was flapping I think!
Sunday started off with a lovely clear in graded 3-5 agility with just one twizzle, there were 7 weaves in this class and he worked them perfectly, he ended up 2nd in grade 3 – hooray, I told him he needed a boy colour rosette today as yesterday’s was far too girly! Graded 3-5 jumping was tricky again and we got past the first tricky bit which he did nicely, I took my eye off him for a split second and he popped over a jump behind me, so I missed the next tricky bit out and gave him a blast to the finish, which he loved! In combined 3-5 jumping there were two lots of flick flacks which he has only just really learnt, he did them really nicely and had a cracking round, just dropping the last pole!! Must keep working him right to the end. His last run was combined 3-5 agility, I cut away from a box and he came with me as I had just run Cas and needed to be with him more, it was a nice run otherwise. Really pleased with his progress this weekend, he is coming on a treat, must work him right to the end though!

Cas had a clear in Grade 5 Agility, it was a blast of a course and I was so pleased with her contacts, she came 6th.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

PADS Agility Show

Our first day went to pot, he thought that he could skip ever other weave when there were six of them but otherwise he did some nice runs and I held his contacts. So the second day I knew I needed to steady him before the weaves, our first run of the day was combined 3-4 agility and we went clear! I was so pleased, made sure he got his contacts and steadied him before his weaves and give him early commands. We ended up 6th! He had a lovely run in the other agility class but I flapped while he was over a jump and knocked a pole! He also had a beautiful round in the jumping which wasn't easy, just missed his weave entry as it was at an angle and I wasn't up with him. I felt by the end of the second day he had really improved.

Cas had a 2nd in Grade 5 Jumping on the Sunday and also qualified for the Knockout Pairs Final with Carol & Calca (a shame as they both had poles down in the final run).