Saturday, 18 October 2008

Shrewsbury Agility

Just Ember at their small/medium show. I have to say today (even though we didn't have any clears) was the best day we have had together in a couple of months. In pairs she ran with Aljeana and Amy and unfortunately both dogs took a pole. Then G6-7 Agility and she was amazing - got her A-frame (have been retraining a 4 off for half an hour every day this week lol as she flies so much in the ring she is struggling to stop in a 2O2O) and dog walk which I ran past and held her on and a really difficult weave entry but stupid handler didn't push her out to the tunnel enough and she took the wrong entrance. In G6-7 Jumping she broke her wait and got a 5R - don't see how we could have done it without a wait - shame as she stormed round the rest of it. Finally C6-7 Jumping and it was jump-weaves and as per the norm on that setup she went into the second weave, otherwise was cracking. We didn't fight any single run today and felt like we were working together - typical last outdoor show!!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Agility Addicts

Ran Rum round agility first, knocked first pole so didn't say a word for contacts and he was straight into position so I held him there with a stop, in round two stupid handler pulled him off a jump by commanding too early. He had a fab clear round Jump N Gamble and we went for a super gamble (only way to win) which is jump-tunnel-weaves with handler behind the line, he didn't get it and I didn't really expect him to. Then Novice Jumping and he was clear, I am really having to run to keep up and he had a couple of moments where he looked back to check where I was, in round 2 I tried something different and we were E'd but he ended up 1st with his first round result.

Cas started with Senior Jumping and just could not seem to hear me after the first jump and was totally confused about where to go so I took her out, the noise was horrendous and she is really struggling hearing wise at the moment. In Round 2 it was a lot quieter but she had a pole down and still felt a bit unsure. Finally Open Jump N Gamble and she had a lovely clear and did the Super Gamble ending up 1st.

Ember started with Senior Jumping and to my amazement was clear, I thought she was a bit wide so wanted to tighten her up on the second round but it caused her to miss weave entry and knock a pole, anyway she ended up 1st with her first round result. Unfortunately in Jump N Gamble she had a pole out so didn't get as far as the gamble, her time was about the same as Cassie's too. Then Senior Agility, in Round 1 I got lost and in Round 2 I didn't send her out enough past a jump and we got E'd. Am still struggling with her A-frame contact, out of 4 times she got it 3 but I cannot get her into a nice stop and hold grr.

Anyway a good day with a win for each :-)))

Sunday, 5 October 2008

UKA Top Barn Agility

What a horrible wet morning, I ran Rum in agility and my god he was flying (I think he thought woo hoo we're back outdoors again lol!) he flew over the dogwalk and lost his footing and missed the contact which was fair enough, so I put him back over, see-saw fab and A-frame just amazing, so quick right into position and I held him there calling him over the finish. Then Novice Jumping and he broke his wait and so I put him back eliminating us, ran the rest nicely and did the pull throughs well. In Novice Steeplechase he had a nice clear with a couple of hairy moments and came 2nd. In Novice Snooker he had to do the A-frame 4 times, and OH MY GOD he was amazing, way ahead of me straight into position, 2nd time he released himself (I think I may have been late with my command to hold him in position), 3rd time straight into position, we made a bit of a mess of the rest of the course so I sent him off round a corner and over the A-frame while I was ahead and a jump away to the side - he was straight into position again. I am soooo pleased with his contacts he has always always done his second A-frame in a creeping manner and I am just amazed at how different his contacts have been - lets hope it continues!!

Cas was fantastic and did a lovely round in Novice Jumping coming 1st and also in Novice Steeplechase also coming 1st - the standard height suits her so much better.

Ember was a struggle as Novice Agility was a big spacey course and she tends to twizzle and yip when there are big gaps between obstacles when I can't keep up! Then Novice Steeplechase and she was flying, went to take the wrong tunnel so I called her, started heading towards the right tunnel then I could see her think 'ooh perhaps it's not tunnel after all' and she pulled off getting 5r but still finished 2nd. Her Novice Jumping was a real shame as I just ran out of puff half way round (I had had something like 5 runs in the last 10 mins running back and forth to the van) lol. Snooker was a disaster so I carried her out, I just cannot send her on to obstacles that are miles apart and I cannot keep up.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Lune Valley Agility

Rum well, gosh I had forgotten how much we struggled indoors as everything is so close and judges seemed to have a thing about really close pull throughs. In the C4-5 Jumping he was too responsive and pulled off a jump early, the rest he ran lovely. Then G5-7 Agility and I was determined to run his contacts confidently dropping his contact command 'stop' as this had been causing him to creep down the contact, so once he was position I gave him his release and they were a lot quicker and was so chuffed - thanks Lee for the tips :-) I then didn't hold my position enough for a pull through but the weave entry was REALLY difficult and he was nowhere near getting it. Finally G5-7 Jumping - I think there were 5 pull throughs in this class and actually he didn't do to badly and got a fairly tricky weave entry but I could tell by the end of today he was getting a little fed up of being nagged. Sooooo pleased with his contacts though :-D

Cas ran C6-7 Jumping and I was in the wrong place so made a mess of it, then G5-7 Agility and she was fab apart from missing her contacts (this will probably be her last agility class as am now retiring her to jumping) and knocking a pole and wing which landed on her head!! She is fine and ran lovely round G5-7 Jumping just having a pole then I was lazy and didn't send her to the tunnel.

Ember was in C1-7 Agility and only missed her weave entry, got her contacts nicely. Then C6-7 Jumping and stupid handler made the exact same mistake she did with Cas! C1-7 Jumping and we stormed round, had a bit of a wide turn where she wanted to carry on and not turn, but we ended up 2nd! Finally C6-7 Agility and the only good things were contacts and weave entry - the rest was awful lolol!

Got home just in time for Mrs Doubtfire - love that film, lol very sad!