Friday, 29 May 2009


I was asked to take the competition class at Addicts yesterday afternoon, so had to quickly come up with a layout, I used part of this from one of Bud Houston's layout where it was used in an opening sequence at a Grand Prix qualifier. I wanted something with tunnel under dogwalk as I saw one dog completely freak at it a couple of weeks ago.
It was a really good layout as it was sequences night tonight rather than a whole course. So we did both the around the outside warm ups - 2 jumps, weaves, jump, dogwalk 2 jumps and the opposite, the weave entry proved a little trickier so handlers had to make sure they continued to head for the weaves rather than cut the corner!
Then onto the trickier stuff we did the 3 jumps in a line and over the jump towards the tunnel, tunnel, dogwalk and 2 jumps. This proved easier than I thought and there weren't many dogs that took the jump from the left. So we did the same but took the jump from the left away from the tunnel and this proved trickier, handlers were moving too quickly when they thought the dog had come through.
That's all I've got time to blog about at the mo, am enjoying judging and training more than I am competing at the moment.

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Cat ( took this shot of Rum at Waldridge, I think it is absolutely amazing!!!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Waldridge - Beach!!

Here are some shots of the dogs on the beach at Markse, Redcar. I love Waldridge show and I just love the beach, we spent Saturday evening by the sea and most of Sunday morning we decided to stay on the beach rather than do agility - just listening to the sound of the waves on the sand is so relaxing. The dogs loved racing round in the sea. We were so lucky with the weather, it stayed dry and we even had sunshine on Sunday morning :)

And a couple of my little angel in the caravan



Sunday, 10 May 2009

Beacon Agility

Rum's first run was the CSJ qualifier and I thought I would quick release his contacts if they were solid, and they were stunning he was so confident about getting into his position and was completely solid until his release. Unfortunately I didn't push him into a jump and we got 5R, he then proceeded to fly his see-saw as he saw his lead so I put him back on it. Then G1-5 Jumping which was more like a G5 course, tyre, jump then a choice for the dog of 2 jumps, weave or tunnel. I thought I would risk it, just tell him weave and not really baby him at all, much to my surprise he zoomed past everything else and picked them up, I should have more faith! Unfortunately we had a pole down and another 5r when I crossed behind a jump too soon pulling him off. Finally Dog Vegas qualifier and he had pole 3 down so I thought I may as well really hold his contacts and he was really good, especially pleased with the dogwalk as I carried on running past the last jump while he was on his contact then released :)

Cas had a jumping class and had a couple of poles down but worked well.

Nice early finish today!!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Beacon Agility

Just Ember at Beacon's small/medium show.
We started with the Olympia Stakes and I was really pleased with her, she did a lovely tight pull through after the dog walk, picked up a weave entry that a few seemed to be missing, flicked away nicely to the jump before the a-frame and missed her a-frame! I thought last weekend we might have cracked it, so I took her in the practice ring today but it didn't make any difference.
Then C5-7 Jumping and she had the first pole so I insisted on a proper flick away on jump 3 and carried on, really pleased with her weave entry as I was cutting a corner running along the weaves pushing her to get the entry :)
Then Crufts Singles and she did a cracking round, I was so pleased with her - pulled off the dogwalk, flicked away nicely, tricky weave entry again and flicked away at the end nicely. But the stupid handler moved too soon and she went in the wrong end of the tunnel! Grr!
Finally team, Sarah and Tikka had 5f on dogwalk, then Ember who had 5f on dogwalk and a-frame, David was clear, Aljeanna and amy had 15f. It's a cracking little team and we had fun running it :) I am a bit annoyed at Ember's contacts as they were so lovely last week!

Ember's individual runs:


Monday, 4 May 2009

Shrewsbury Agility

I was judging all day Saturday, didn’t get finished till about 6pm! Then I didn’t get much sleep on Saturday night and so Sunday I was rather shattered to say the least!! The caravan was fab (first use) even if I didn't sleep in it a single night and it was there 3!! And thank you so much to a certain person who gave her time up to teach a few of us some reversing techniques and I got it on the drive first time - Yeah!! :)

Rum ran the Derby first and his contacts were perfect, nice solid stop position and release but unfortunately he had the spread down. Then 4-5 Agility and I was so pleased he went straight into his stop on the dogwalk while I was moving to the side a jumps width away to call him back, he was so solid until I released. He had a pole down and we had a bit of a moment where I got a little confuzzled, his a-frame was perfect too. I was SO pleased with him, fingers crossed he’s confident again with his position. I have been testing my courses with him when I have judged and played tuggy while he is on his contact and it seems to be working, touch wood!

Cas was in a tricky C6-7 Jumping and really could have done with a wait but if I hadn’t moved too soon I think we could have done it, she had 2 poles anyway. Then a lovely G6-7 Jumping and she worked really nicely, just had the first pole down and I moved to soon on a flick flack.

Ember ran in G6-7 Jumping and to be honest I wasn’t up to it as it was first thing in the morning and she started fighting me so I took her out. After a few hours sleep we were ready to roll in a tricky C6-7 Jumping and we did the first half fabulously well then came a cropper when I moved too quickly past a flick flack (again, this is something I am going to have to work on now I can run a bit faster!!) and pushed her out. Finally C6-7 Agility which I hadn’t walked as was queuing for another run, I didn’t call her enough off a jump as I didn’t think it was that close, so annoyed as her contacts were the best they have been in a long time and she picked up a tricky weave entry and did some lovely work.

While I am on I have to say a huge well done to Lee and the gorgeous Scott who won three grade 5 agility classes over the Bank Holiday weekend, taking them firmly into grade 6. Not forgetting the naughty merle who had a 3rd in Champ.

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