Saturday, 5 March 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Cas!

I can't believe Cas is now 11!!  She still acts like a 2 year old and I think as she's white, will never go grey so she never looks old. 

I moved in with my boyfriend a few months ago and brought Rum and Cas with me, mum has Emz & Diz as Diz has always been close to her when I have gone off to shows and Diz and Emz get on very well and to be honest Ember has always liked mum better anyway.  It makes life easier as neither of us are worrying about keeping Diz and Cas separate, they're happier too.

Rum is also a lot better as he is getitng more attention.  Though I started by taking them for a run with a frisbee daily (something we never did before as Diz wasn't up to it) but Rum just couldn't cope again with the adrenaline and he was stressing so much.  So now we just have gentle walks and sometimes some obedience training.  I had thought about trying agility with him again but if he can't cope with frisbee chasing there is no way he will cope with agility - it's such a shame that for a young dog I can't let him have good fun chasing a ball etc.  But if he's happier without then that's how it has to be.  He is so protective of Cas it's so funny to watch them, my boyfriend has a German Shepherd who Rum hates and he really protects Cas from her. 

We're picking up a kitten on Wednesday as we wanted something to do some ratting and I miss having a cat, I had thought about bringing Dixie with me as she is such a character and so pretty, but it's not fair to upset her and mum is attached to her and she absolutely adores Diz and Emz.  So we said we would look for something.  Unfortunately not a rescue as nobody came back to me on rescues so we had to go elsewhere. 

I haven't been very well during 2010 so am hoping 2011 will be a better year, I have turned a corner the last couple of weeks and long may it continue.  We have rebooked NYC for Christmas, this year we will get to go!!  And I am starting a city & guilds course in photography soon also!

This vid just sums my gorgeous girl up: