Saturday, 31 January 2009

Agility Addicts

In Rum's first Senior Agility round he missed his dogwalk as he flew so fast, I am not too fussed as I expect a few to be missed as he gets his speed going so I asked him to get back on his contact and we finished the course. In round 2 I realised putting him back on the contact isn't a good decision as he crept all the way down the down ramp! He gets so worried about doing the wrong thing and I have never told him off at all and always just say oh dear lets try again but he still worries. In Senior Jumping I didn't call him enough to get a pull through and in round 2 he was absolutely flying but he just wasn't listening and had about 4 poles down which is not like him to knock poles. In Speed Jumping he was such a good boy but I raced him too much and he took a pole. So lessons learnt - don't ask him to get back on a contact when he misses it, don't race him too much and don't let him follow a screaming dog as he just doesn't put brain into gear!!

Cas ran Speed Jumping and for some reason skipped a jump out, I know I was cutting a corner but it doesn't bother Cas. Senior Jumping she had two poles down but in round 2 had a lovely clear and came 3rd against some good senior/advanced dogs so I was really pleased with that.

Ember had an AMAZING dog walk contact in Senior Agility and got her a-frame but pulled off a jump. In round 2 another amazing dog walk and she jumped her a-frame so I put her back over and finished the course. In Speed Jumping having watched the vid back her stupid handler made the most basic mistake ever and tried to direct her with my right hand when she was on my left - twice! Senior Jumping and as we were going round the corner I realised she was jumping a medium jump and I lost concentration for a second so the judge let us restart but the sheltie with a turning circle of a jugernaut missed a pull through, in round 2 though I really got on her case and she was clear finish 2nd (to Sue White's medium - Bug) so I was mega chuffed with that - she got the weave entry lovely which was at speed in a straight line.

Ember & Cas Speed Jumping

Ember/Cas Speed Jumping - Addicts Jan 09 from Gina Graham on Vimeo.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Ribble Agility

Rum I ran in Grade 5 agility and held his contacts which were lovely and fast. Unfortunately in pairs he decided to have a deaf moment and went off in the wrong direction! I didn't run jumping as was cold and wanted to go home!

Cas was a good girl in pairs just rolling a pole which her partner did also, only the one run for her.

Ember had a fab dogwalk in agility but missed her A-frame so she was put back over it. Jumping didn't go very well so I picked her up and took her out as she was getting very frustrated!

Sunday, 11 January 2009


Yesterday really inspired me to do more HTM with Rum as his heelwork can be really stylish and he would look great in the HTM ring. He has had really bad ring nerves but when I competed with him in September he was so much better and only had one concentration lapse. Because of this I have concentrated on his agility and not taught him many moves but now I want to do some more with him as I think we could overcome the ring shyness. I really like his heelwork so would like to go down the HTM route really rather than freestyle at the moment, but there are so many HTM positions I need to teach some more!

We did some training in the garden this morning concentrating on weave entries and I did some heelwork with Rum. I am still not happy with his weaves as he is chopping and changing his style through the weaves and I want him to be consistently weaving with one style whichever it may be. I think I am more likely to get the one foot style as it is only when he is being lazy he goes to consistently two stepping through. Perhaps I am being too fussy! Here’s a vid:

Dog Training from Gina Graham on Vimeo.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Rugby HTM

Today was the day of the Crufts Freestyle Semi Final, I had heard it was a big entry and looking at the programme there were 20 or 21 dogs in it and only the top 10 qualify. I haven't done any practice since September with Cas as I just really haven't had the chance, my new job has taken up so much time and with the dark nights there just hasn't been a spare minute. So to be honest I didn't expect anything from her but she was really good and only had the odd bark not losing anything for it though. She missed a couple of cues which was understandable and her back weave and back spin was a bit wide. I was really pleased to come 12th, if we had practiced we could have done it but am not upset about it, yes it would have been nice but I am not gutted as I know I didn't put the time in. So anyway need to work on a new routine now which has a bit more to it.