Saturday, 8 December 2007

Rugby Agility Show

Rum's first run was in the jumping, he had a fantastic round I was plesantly surprised we got round as far as we did without getting Eliminated! However three from the end I got in his way and he backjumped, so we were E'd. Then the agility he had the second pole down which was fair enough as it was ever so close to the dogwalk and if he had jumped it normally he would have landed on the dogwalk and hurt himself so I am glad he had the pole down. Otherwise again he worked lovely and his contacts were nice, just gave his stop command to early on the see-saw.

Cas, well she was on another planet today! She ran round the wall several times in the jumping even though she has seen one several times before and never had an issue, after that I kind of lost heart with the round. In the agility we were Eliminated at jump three as she insisted on carrying on instead of listening to me and turning. But I think I have lost heart in running Cas as I don't have anything to aim for, her contacts aren't great and there aren't any jumping qualifiers or anything similar for grade 6, they're all combined with grade 7 and she just doesn't have the speed to catch the 7s.