Saturday, 23 February 2008

Rugby HTM

Today was D day - something we have been excited/worried about all week, the biggie - Crufts Semi Final! I went in thinking I didn't stand a chance and just wanted us to try our best. Cas was so barky when we went in the ring at lunch to practice so I clipped her lead on and took her out everytime. Our class was last and we were 4th in. Walked into the ring and Cas forgot what a bow was and lay down - great start I thought. But then we started and she worked like a dream, I couldn't feel her getting wound up to bark at all - she had 3 little barks, that's all! I do admit to messing up a couple of times as I moved onto the next move too quickly. However we came 7th and qualified for Crufts next Thursday!!!!!! Woooo!!! It does mean I am going to miss Rum's agility I think - boo hoo, but hey we're in the main ring!!!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Gundog Unaf Agility

Rum's first run was in Open Steeplechase, had a lovely smooth run until I was standing in the wrong place and had a bit of 'well where are we going next?' moment, but he ended up 6th so I was pleased with that. His first agility run was so lovely but he had a pole down - contacts were so fast and the weaves, the second run he missed his weave entry as I moved on too soon and he had the same pole down. In Combined 3-4 Jumping he had a messy clear so I tried to tighten him up on his second run which made it 10 times worse, so not sure why, however he ended up 2nd so was really chuffed with that.

Cassie's first run was Open Steeplechase in which she had two poles down (thought she might as it was very tight). Her first agility run she pinged her contacts so I put her back over them and her second run was lovely, just having a pole down (and me missing out a couple of jumps lol!). We won't mentioned the first Combined 5-7 Jumping as we did everything wrong, but the second round she went beautifully but I went the wrong way and did a pull through instead of a round!! She had a pole down anyway thankfully.