Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pedigree JointCare+ Day 1

Dizzy was selected by Pedigree to take part in their JointCare+ trial.  I am looking forward to trialing it as Dizzy does suffer with quite a lot of stiffness in her hips and shoulders.  Today was day 1 and she happily munched her chew.

Monday, 9 April 2012

TAG Show

We entered two days of TAG show and I think we chose the best two days weather wise - Friday and Sunday.

Rum - he was a very good boy and we made silly mistakes all through our classes!  Mark came with me so he queued for me so I could keep him calm.  His contacts we spot on and I pushed them and was working them from a distance.  His waits went a little bit in the last class on Friday but I got them back on Sunday.  The one jumping class on Sunday was really tricky and we did it all lovely apart from him knocking poles which is not like him and I think it was just due to the small spacings as all his other classes had used up all of the ring and he was really having to extend.  I was a bit disappointed we didn't have a clear, we were so close to one on several occasions, however it was nothing he did and I was pleased with how he worked.

Ember - She had a clear coming 5th in Speed and Power.  Her contacts otherwise on the Friday were horrendous and the one agility class she made it look like we had never done agility before!  However when I looked back on her one agility class I realised that I don't think she actually understands her contact position.  Stop should mean her position at the end of the contact.  With Rum he knows that stop is 2on 2off and a nose dip, I will tell him wait if I want to hold the contact.  Ember I never trained the wait just the stop.  Looking at her on Friday I thought she looked like she understood 'stop' to mean wait where she was then leave the contact from there.  On Sunday I thought that I would try not saying anything to her on the contacts, low and behold she got them pretty solidly!  I couldn't believe it, unfortunately I had also stopped giving her a command to walk on so she had a refusal lol!  

Cas had fivefaultitis in her veteran and anysize on Friday.  On Sunday she had a pole again in anysize and a clear in veterans.

A few of the classes had 90 degree angle weave entries which Ember has never been able to do and Rum I had to take him into it, so that's something we need to work on.  With Ember's contacts as soon as I say anything to her on the contact sbe stops where she is so I am just going to try and train without saying anything and just giving a 'go' as a release.