Sunday, 26 August 2007

Dordale Agility Show

Rum started the day off with a run in combined 1-4 Agility, it was tunnel weaves and Rum ran through so quick he just couldn't brake in time to get his entry. He worked his contacts lovely and I held them. He then did a lovely run in Grade 3 Agility but got E'd, I therefore tested him a bit and worked it while he was away from me so was pleased with that. Followed that by a lovely clear in Combined 1-7 Circular Jumping, he was unplaced exactly 1 second behind Cas. The last run was Grade 3 Jumping, which I really pushed him round, he ran it nicely but had a pole down! Next day his Grade 3 Agility was first and he was a bit manic, ran past a jump and came out of the tunnel, but his weaves and contacts were nice. 1-4 Jumping was a tough course and I just couldn't get him tight enough round the box and we were E'd. In Grade 3 Jumping he had a lovely tight clear, not mega fast and he finished 5th.

Cas had a lovely jumping run just dropping a pole, I really pushed her round the circular jumping and she came 3rd and then in the agility she missed her A-frame so I took her out of the ring. On Sunday we messed up in the 5-7 jumping, I expected her to pick up the weaves (as she is a weave demon) but she didn’t and got E’d. She had a lovely run round the grade 5 jumping, just knocking a pole again!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Pembroke Agility Show

We ran combined 1-3 Jumping first, the jumps were very tight and Rum didn't cope very well and had 3 poles down!! Totally unlike him but he just couldn't seem to even bounce them they were so close. In Combined 1-3 Agility he had a lovely round but got E'd going up the dogwalk instead of the A-frame, sometimes I forget how long striding he is! He had a nice clear in Grade 3 Agility and I was really chuffed with his weave entry as he went in at an angle, his dogwalk was very slow as he was a little unsure (his first agility class he will be really quick but always the 2nd one he seems unsure). Anyway he ended up 2nd so was really pleased, he was leading right till about the last 10 dogs - so close!

Cas had a nice run in the 4-7 Agility but just missed her dog walk, she had a nice run in the 4-7 Jumping and came 7th.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

KC International Agility Festival

This weekend we didn't seem to be working very well together, I think because I got it right with Cas and so therefore lost it a bit with Rum. Unfortunately he was drawn in the two Novice Cup parts judged by the two foreign judges and they were hard for young inexperienced dogs so we took our own line and had some fun on them. Saturday Rum had a lovely round in the 1-3 agility but just had a refusal, worked the rest superbly. He had a messy clear in grade 3 agility and was a bit unsure on his contacts. He had a pole down in the grade 3 jumping but worked that nicely too. On Sunday I was too far ahead of his weaves and he missed the entry and he missed his entry again in the jumping - I must be doing something differently?? He had a messy clear in the 1-3 jumping and came 6th, we're struggling a bit to get in tune again.

Cas – If onlys! She had a lovely run in Novice Cup Jumping with just a pole down, also a lovely run in Novice Cup Agility just missing her dogwalk contact!!! Aargh! She had a fab run in grade 5 jumping and ended up winning it – just one more to go now! Had a nice clear in combined 3-4 jumping and came 11th – had a bit of a wide turn before the weaves. In her agility I thought she missed her dogwalk (but she didn’t) so I put her back on it. On the Sunday she had a pole down in the combined 4-5 agility and a very messy clear in grade 5 jumping where she ended up 3rd?!?!? She has worked well this weekend.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Dashin Dogs Agility Show

First run of the day was 1-7 combined agility which I wasn't particularly fussed about, he worked lovely and went round clear, we had one twizzle just before the last jump as I hung back thinking he missed the see-saw contact, his time was the same as Lee and Che (who also had a twizzle) so I was pleased we weren't in the placings otherwise it would have been a run off! Really pleased with the way I and he ran it. Grade 3 agility with dreaded 6 weaves, which surprise surprise he came out at the end! I pushed him across his A-frame and held him there while I ran ahead so was chuffed with that, then he did lovely bounce jumps down the line of jumps. He rushed his see-saw and fell off then did the same with the dogwalk, so I don't know what went on there! He was a bit hesitant after that. In Grade 3 Jumping he was a naughty boy and I took him out which I would never do in a jumping especially a young dog, but he decided to do some weird things - I put it down to the fact we had to run all 3 in a row with no break in between. Just wish he had gone clear in Grade 3 not 1-7!!

Cas had a nice steady clear in grade 5 jumping and came 9th. Missed her dogwalk in the 1-7 agility and then got E’d in grade 5 agility so I reinforced her contacts. In the pairs final we got through to the 2nd round with a double clear, we again had a double clear but the other pair just beat us!