Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Returning to Agility!

So I decided to enter a few agility shows with the ginger ones, really to get myself prepared better for when Sweep comes out as my handling is a tad rusty (understatement of the century!).  I entered Rum as well as Ember hoping that the weather would be cool as I will struggle to run him if it is hot as it does bring on his collie collapse quickly, though UKA shows may be a possibility as there is not normally much of a queue and the environment is less stressful – we shall see.

So Shrewsbury came round and the weather was overcast and a bit wet – hoorah!  I love my Rum dog and was excited about running him, having not run him at a show for probably 3 years.  First class was grade 6 agility and he had a fab run, just knocked a pole simply because he isn’t as jump fit as he could be – he was so good and listened all the way round, he actually came 5th, would have been 3rd without the pole.  His other classes we had silly mistakes in but he was amazing, he is sooo good, it is so nice to have a dog that listens!  Ember had a clear in a really easy grade 6 course so was out of the placings, she is going a little deaf so I really have to baby her everywhere now.  She is still fit as a fiddle though, but a little slower in her older years!

Hatton agility show and overcast again.  Rum was a star and had a lovely run round grade 6 agility but I messed a turn up (rusty handling!) and we lost a lot of time, think he ended up 4th but they only placed to 3rd.  He had a pole in another run and I completely lost it in the last run as he stepped up a gear and I couldn’t catch him lol!  Ember had one of her Ember days and went off when I didn’t want her to and didn’t go on when I wanted her to! 

We haven’t entered any KC now, only a UKA in June to get Sweep measured as I am pretty sure he is standard, so it would be nice to start him in some standard steeplechase classes later in the year.  I really feel like I don’t know what I am doing in the ring at the moment, am so rusty so I need to sort myself out!