Sunday, 31 August 2008

WBSDS Agility

Rum's first run was Combined 1-7 Jumping, he was going lovely until after the weaves when I wanted to bring him through two jumps and he decided to flick himself the other way which totally flummoxed me, Rum thought he had finished but I got him back and we were clear ending up 12th so I was pleased with that. Then 4-5 Jumping and a tough weave entry which he got but couldn't steady himself enough for the second pole - shame he worked the rest lovely - nice and tight! Then 4-5 Agility and the numpty had a pole down which I think was due to me nagging, lovely round, got a tricky weave entry and held the contacts a bit (though not enough!). Finally Combined 1-7 Helter Skelter where we had a nice clear with a messy bit where he almost went into the tunnel and we finished 7th. All runs on the video apart from Helter Skelter as the camera work wasn't great ;-). Really pleased he got some tricky weave entries - guess what we were working on at home all last week!!

Cas ran Combined 1-7 Jumping and naughty handler was in the wrong place doing a stupid blind turn and she ran past the tunnel. Then 6-7 Jumping and I moved off the weaves too soon and she came out. 6-7 Agility and she was going lovely but was very naughty and missed her dogwalk despite me standing right by the contact – A-frame was lush. Then Helter Skelter and she just had a pole down because I was nagging her too much!

Ember was in la la land today, in the one jumping she missed a tricky weave and it just went downhill from there. In the other jumping she decided to go bombing straight on out of the tunnel instead of listening to my ‘LEFT’ – darn pity as she ran lovely. In agility she was all over the place but got her contacts apart from A-frame which was the last contact and I put her back on and got a lovely weave entry. Finally Helter Skelter and the naughty dog determinedly ran through the tiniest gap between my leg and the wing, another great shame! Ooh she’s such a naughty little dog.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Dordale Agility

Ran Rum in Combined 5-7 Jumping, he had the second pole down, worked the rest lovely but missed the weave entry as it was quite tough. Then Grade 5 Agility and he missed a tough weave entry again, difficult one as we don't get them at training and so I don't know what to do as he will get them at home. Then Grade 5 Jumping and he broke his wait and got E'd - you needed a wait!

Didn't take Cas as I don't think she is 100%.

Ember was good in Combined 5-7 Agility as she got all her contacts but she cut across me and picked up the wrong tunnel entry. In Combined 5-7 Jumping she had a lovely round with a couple of wide turns and came 2nd (beaten by a grade 7 dog). Then Combined 1-7 Jumping and stupid handler made her push round a jump instead of flick flack the jump - stupid handler!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Pembroke Agility

First up was agility and Rum just was not listening, he flew off in the wrong direction and was generally doing what he wanted to do. In his second agility he was better but was naughty and flew off his A-frame so I put him back on - I am getting a little fed up with this contact business as he hardly ever missed one and just lately he is being naughty. Then Circular Jumping he was a good boy, went clear and won it for the large dogs in a time of 20.10.

Cas missed all her contacts in the first agility as per the norm, then the second agility she was better and just missed her a-frame. In circular jumping we were clear but unplaced as she seemed to be struggling a little especially with right turns so am going to to take her to the chiropractor.

Ember was naughty and missed her a-frame in agility so I put her back on and carried on, she was twizzling and yapping but her first run is tending to be horrendous! Circular jumping and she was amazing and won it for the smalls in a time of 20.40. In jumping she got eliminated at number two by shooting off into the tunnel, such a shame as she ran the rest lovely and I pushed a tricky ish weave entry and she got it.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Dashin Dogs

Rum was such a naughty boy in his first two runs, his agility he pinged his dogwalk so I put him back on, in jumping he just wasn't listening and was in a world of his own. He was so amazing in team but unfortunately there were two Es. Then Grade 5 Jumping and he ran it really well - was a reall big Rum type course, I didn't think we were fantastic - well he only went and won it!!

Cas missed her a-frame in agility so I put her back on, then in jumping she had a couple of poles down, not sure why. Grade 6 Jumping (same course Rum won) and she had a lovely clear, coming 13th not a Cassie course as it was so big. Finally team and she was running last, the pressure was on as the team had gone clear but we did it and won team so are in the final tomorrow! Wow!

Ember had a pole down in jumping and pinged her dogwalk in agility so I put her back on. Combined 6-7 Jumping (same course as Rum's win) and we went clear - with two sets of weaves!! She had a couple of spins but otherwise ran well and came 5th.

Well Sunday our first dog had a pole down then Cas had a pole down, not much to report on as I am always rubbish after we have won a class!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Dizzy Update

Well Diz has been sporting her magnetic collar since I went to camp - 26th July. She has also been having those joint chews from Pedigree. I have to say I am amazed at the change! She is so lively now, always on the go. We played football the other night (her favourite game!) and whereas in the last couple of months she hasn't been able to get up the next morning (so I stopped playing) she was fine the next day and hasn't had a bad morning like that since wearing it. I am so chuffed it has made a difference, it was horrible to see my lovely Diz Dog suffer and her colitis cleared up within a week too.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

KC Agility Festival

Friday was the day of the two Novice Cup classes and we had a Grade 5 Jumping too, the stupid idiot of a handler rushed Rum's weaves in every single class and he missed his entry every time - grrrr stupid stupid handler! I went to the show thinking first show with Rum in Grade 5, classes are huge (180 dogs) and very competitive so we would do some nice training. We went clear in Grade 5 Agility which was a really hard course and it was a little messy and contacts were a bit slow, but I was dead chuffed to get him round it and we ended up 9th! In Combined 4-5 Agility I decided to really reinforce his position on his contacts and hold them, clear but not placed (as expected). Then in Grade 5 Jumping he ran like a dream and to my (very pleasant) surprise we ended up 3rd!! So much for me saying he won't be competitive in Grade 5! Sunday was a bit of a wash out, he broke his wait in 4-5 Jumping and then missed his weave entry which was really hard. In G5 agility he was sooo naughty and completely flew his a-frame so I put him back on. Finally G5 Jumping and he missed his weave entry which a lot of dogs were doing, I think it because the spacing between them and the jump before was quite tight.

Cas - well we just couldn't get it together, so many 5 faults and silly little odd mistakes. Her dogwalk and see-saw contacts were fine but she was missing her A-frame, she was picking up weaves from the most awkward of angles.

On Friday Ember was hard work and we messed up a flick flack in the cup jumping and in the cup agility I was so excited she was going clear I didn't move onto the next bit and she flew off in the other direction!!On Saturday we were having an okayish round in G6 Agility, clear until the second to last obstacle which was the dogwalk and she flew her contact - grrr. She had a clear in Combined 6-7 Jumping, I had to really run and we did have a couple of mega wide turns but ended up 5th! On Sunday I ran her jumping and after two obstacles picked her up and took her out and we went home as I had a cracking headache and Ember isn't the sort of dog to run when you don't feel 100% and I think she knows it!

And I bought a new pair of Ditas, anyone who knows me will know how worn my old pair were - well after 7 years they would be lol!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Agility Addicts

First class was agility for Rum and he had a pole so I trained his contacts and he worked it lovely, we repeated the class and again he had a pole down (both times stupid handler getting in the way!). Then jumping he ran it lovely, but entered the weaves the wrong side, darn shame I didn't pull him to me enough. Then Tunnel Vision and he was absolutely flying then stupid handler started calling him to early and pulled him off a jump, major mahor grrr! He worked soooo lovely.

Cas started with agility and for the last couple of weeks has been at home not having much exercise (when I was at camp I took the ginger ones ;-)). She had the first couple of poles down in agility so I trained her contacts, in round 2 she went clear coming 2nd in Senior Agility. Then Jumping again a nice clear but at one point went left instead of right so just came away with a clear. Finally Tunnel Vision and she had a pole as I handled her too much like Rum and put my other arm up to block her turn.

Ember was naughty in agility and missed her A-frame so I put her back over then in round 2 she missed again so I took her out. Jumping she went in the weaves the wrong side like Rum. Finally Tunnel Vision and she had several spins before the tunnel coming 3rd.

Pleased with them as they all waited on the start line and worked nicely, only my mistakes.