Saturday, 2 August 2008

Agility Addicts

First class was agility for Rum and he had a pole so I trained his contacts and he worked it lovely, we repeated the class and again he had a pole down (both times stupid handler getting in the way!). Then jumping he ran it lovely, but entered the weaves the wrong side, darn shame I didn't pull him to me enough. Then Tunnel Vision and he was absolutely flying then stupid handler started calling him to early and pulled him off a jump, major mahor grrr! He worked soooo lovely.

Cas started with agility and for the last couple of weeks has been at home not having much exercise (when I was at camp I took the ginger ones ;-)). She had the first couple of poles down in agility so I trained her contacts, in round 2 she went clear coming 2nd in Senior Agility. Then Jumping again a nice clear but at one point went left instead of right so just came away with a clear. Finally Tunnel Vision and she had a pole as I handled her too much like Rum and put my other arm up to block her turn.

Ember was naughty in agility and missed her A-frame so I put her back over then in round 2 she missed again so I took her out. Jumping she went in the weaves the wrong side like Rum. Finally Tunnel Vision and she had several spins before the tunnel coming 3rd.

Pleased with them as they all waited on the start line and worked nicely, only my mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

Well done to Cas, Rum & Ember! You get any vids?!