Tuesday, 16 February 2010

That's All Folks

Well the van has gone, the sports car has gone and am back to one vehicle - a 2006 reg Honda Civic 1.8 VTEC - my new toy.  I totally adore this car!!

The caravan is going to be sold too (shame as it's such a fab little van), thanks to my lovely bf who is doing that for me :)  And I will prob put my contact equipment on ebay.

I have decided it's time to settle down and save up for a house, agility just uses up virtually all of my salary and I need to start being sensible.  I also want to travel more.

Rum just isn't happy doing agility and he was my hopes and dreams so without him being my partner I am not interested any more.

I am also not sure I like the way agility is going, classes are won by hardly any difference in time, it's down to the wire virtually all the time and it has become far too mathmatical for me.  The enjoyment and fun just seems to have gone.

Also my skin infection returned after setting foot in Kingswood and 3 weeks later the scar still hasn't gone completely.  So local training is out anyway.  I think everything was telling me it's time.

The dogs don't seem to miss it, well okay I think Emz does a bit as she seems to have got a bit stroppy these days.

I will really miss all the great friends I have made during my 9 years competing and thank you everyone who has helped me along the way.  I am not saying never, more like an au revoir.

Here's Rum on one of our morning runs:
Think he was getting a bit fed up of me taking pics!