Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Year End Review

I have to say I am pleased with the dogs’ progress even though I didn’t get Rum to Novice Olympia – perhaps next year providing he stays in Grade 5!

I was looking over Rum’s results and it stood out that we have really made progress, at the beginning of the year he was having 4ths in Novice at Addicts and at the end of the year we had two 1sts winning us up to senior & finished the year with a 1st in Open! We didn’t start KC shows until May really at which point he was Grade 4 but is now Grade 5 with two jumping wins. His contacts are better but still can be quite creepy – it’s a difficult one as toys make him worse and he isn’t particularly motivated by food. So I have been doing lots of quick releasing at home but in the ring I want him into position quickly and stopping there a bit as this seems to make him more confident as he knows exactly what to do – what is helping is not using a stop command to make him stop just to reinforce the position, he isn’t then waiting to hear the command & it doesn’t rely on my poor timing! His jumping has really improved as we used to struggle without control points (ie contacts!) but now he is turning really well and we seem to have really improved.

Cas has slowed down, with this being her first year in grade 6 I didn’t really expect much from her. I decided mid season to retire her from agility classes as we weren’t enjoying them and it felt a real relief not to stress about contacts. She doesn’t really go training much, a quick session in the garden every now and then is enough. I am pleased with her, she’s still fit (is almost 9 now) and has had some good placings - 3rd in Comb 6-7 being the highest. I am just happy to be able to run her and she’s still fit and healthy.

Ember has been fab, we’ve had our best year yet. Charlotte Harding did some work with her in April and actually got her last 2 wins into Grade 6 (all jumping!) - thanks Char :-) . She then went on to win 4 more classes at Waldridge. She’s doing well and am really feeling like we are more of a partnership now, we still have contact and wait issues and I think we always will as she pushes you every step of the way and questions everything. Now I am fitter I am finding it a lot easier to handler her, I need to maintain my fitness though and with the gym having been closed over Xmas I can feel the muscle melting lol!

The ginger ones (Ember & Rum) have had their passports and can travel from late May next year. I have always wanted to compete on the continent and am looking at shows to enter.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Agility Addicts

Rum ran in Christmas Contacts first and his stupid handler dropped the coin and faffed getting another so I was nowhere near him to direct lol, his A-frame contact was nice but his see-saw a bit creepy. In Open Jumping he had a lovely run just dropping a pole when I front crossed too soon and then pulled off the flat tunnel when I called to early - good boy. In Open Agility he was AMAZING, his see-saw was lovely and fast and his A-frame too, I released as soon as he was in position (as will be holding at KC shows and I don't want him to think they will always be held) and he came 1st, soooo chuffed! He was 2 seconds faster than Cas and she was on standard height with tight turns! In pairs he misjudged his pace and crashed a jump.

Cas actually went clear in Christmas Contacts and came 2nd. Then Open Jumping and she just dropped a pole when I moved off too fast, shame she would have won by 3 seconds. Last class was pairs with Liz & Barney - Cas is 8/9 and Barney is 9/10, both rescues and both white with black splodges ;-) so we thought they would pair up nicely, they both ran really well. It was double pairs and the first changeover was a little messy but the other was perfect, anyway to our delight we found they had won it by 9 seconds! Show those whippersnappers a thing or two lol!

Ember missed her A-frame in Christmas Contacts so was put back on. In Open Jumping the little so and so was running superbly until she decided to ignore me and shoot off over a jump after the flat tunnel just a couple of jumps from the end - grrr! In Open Agility we had handler navigation error - oops and she was flying too. Finally pairs and both of us picked up an E at some point ;-)

Thanks Carol for doing these vids, Rum & Bryer in Double Pairs

Cas & Barney winning Double Pairs

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas


I was in the garden doing some agility with the dogs and all of a sudden the cat decided she wanted to join in, couldn't resist a video (taken on my phone)!

Monday, 15 December 2008


Some of you may or may not know for the last few months I have been involved in the making of the LGT Workshop DVD. This has now been released and I personally think it's an excellent, affordable and informative product. You can buy it from Lee Gibson Training

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Wyre Agility

Rum was first up in Combined 3-5 Jumping, he was amazing and we went clear I was so pleased as he worked away lovely and after a long blast I said steady and he really thought about his turn, anway he ended up 1st! That's his second grade 5 win. Then we waited till about 4:30pm when we ran Combined 3-5 Agility and I didn't turn him in time and he was E'd, did some nice contact training. Then Graded 3-5 Agility and his contacts were nice but he had a few poles down as he had been queueing forever and had got so wound up.

Cas ran Combined 6-7 Jumping and was fab, it wasn't an easy course, she was clear and 15th.

Ember was naughty, jumped her A-frame so I put her back over it. Then jumping and I just couldn't get her to turn at all!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Agility Addicts

Rum was a very good lad today and was really responsive. His first jumping round he just had a pole down so I shaped him into that jump better the second time and he won the class - Novice Jumping so is now into Senior at Addicts shows :-/ Novice Agility he was amazing then stupid handler forgot what she was doing before the weaves and got him E'd, the second run he flew his see-saw (very naughty boy!) so I put him back over it. Finally Open Connector and we had a (very messy - my shaping was non-existent) clear and came 5th.

Cas had a couple of poles in open connector then I pushed her in the gap of a flick flack in her first senior jumping run and the second went to pot completely.

Ember was little miss inconsistent today. In agility her contacts and weaves were fab but her sending on to tunnels was non-existent. Then in Jumping could I get any turns out of her, she kept working far too far away! In Connector I just didn't hold my posisition long enough and she back jumped a jump.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Happy Birthday Rum

Happy 3rd birthday to the blue eyed boy. I can't believe three years has gone by so quickly, he has done me proud, although we are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment he has been amazing for me and I wouldn't be without him. Thank you Caroline and Cai and Gill and Maddi.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Newton Heath Agility

Rum and I just aren't on form at the moment. In his first Grade 5 Agility he just was not listening and backjumped virtually everything - he has this thing about backjumping he's started the last couple of weeks -his contacts were nice though. In his second Grade 5 Agility he was soo much better and listened, though I pulled him off a jump to early then started moving forward on a flick flack. Finally Grade 5 Jumping and he was storming round but jumped into a pinwheel and his stride took him through the gap past the next jump and he tried but just couldn't make it, looking back I perhaps needed to shape him into the pinwheel more.

Cas just had one Grade 6 Jumping run and without a wait I cannot possibly see how we could have done it and I didn't see anyone without a wait get past 2 without being eliminated. She had the first couple of poles down but has been jumping 'standard' height for the last month.

Ember is my little star of the moment. In Grade 6 Agility she missed her A-frame (judge had said in briefing he wouldn't let anyone put dogs back over) then we struggled with a flick out but the rest was lovely. In Grade 6 Jumping she flew and so did I ;-) (my fitness is so much better now) and we were clear and came 2nd. Video below, Ember just seems to be really listening (touch wood) lately.

Monday, 17 November 2008

The Dogs

No show this weekend but I took the camera out (take a look at Flickr - Discodogs or my site and each dogs' slideshow for more) but here are my favs that really reflect the dogs' personalities.

Dizzy - the footballer__________Rum - Forrest Gump
Ember - ballet dancer_______Cas - out of her tree!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

UKA Hereford

I hadn't entered the show but decided to go and enter on the day because the photographer would be there to take some shots of Diz. However he phoned yesterday to say he wasn't going so I thought I wouldn't bother either having seen the weather forecast. Anyway I woke up at 6:45 this morning and decided I would go after all! When I arrived the sun was shining :-)

Rum ran Novice Steeplechase 1 first and it was a naggy course, needless to say we didn't get round but it was my fault because I tried to cut a corner and didn't send him out enough. Novice Jumping followed and the scribe said to go and when Rum was over the first jump the judge said in your own time and I lost concentration as I wondered whether we should have gone and in that split second Rum was off! Then Novice Steeplechase 2 and the course was a proper steeplechase, Rum had a lovely clear but didn't seem that fast however I think the jumps were quite tight and he was having to gather himself for each, anyway to my surprise he won it. Last was Novice Agility and he had number 3 down so I trained the rest - his contacts were really nice :-)

Cassie's first run was Novice Steeplechase 1 and I knew I could get her round, she ran beautifully, clear and won it. Then Novice Jumping, again a lovely clear and won it. Finally Novice Steeplechase 2 and she had a pole down when I was stupid and did a front cross I didn't need to, she then stumbled and had the next pole down. She's a good girlie.

Ember was an utter nightmare in Novice Steeplechase 1 so I didn't hold out much hope for Novice Jumping with a tricky weave entry but OMG she was absolutely AMAZING and I think it is probably one of our best if not THE best run ever, she was a whole 2 seconds quicker than Cas and needless to say won it. She was just so in tune with me. Novice Steeplechase 2 followed and another stonking clear, again she won it. Novice Agility was last and I opted to go for a training round to reinforce her contacts but otherwise she ran nicely. She is getting so much better with her send ons.

So 5 wins in one day, I do feel a little greedy, but the dogs were just fab. Couldn't resist a photo, the trophies were tankards so we have 5 tankards now :-D

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Well the two ginger ones (Rum and Emz) have been in for their rabies vaccination today, we're back again at the end of the month for their bloods to be taken to make sure they are protected. Then 6 months after that we can travel - all being well! Fingers crossed the vaccination takes otherwise it will be another month and I would like to do DDV with them next year. Neither of them bother about the vets in fact Rum is positively excited at all the people there he could mob and Ember too!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Well I have been concerned about Cas for a couple of months so I booked her in for a hearing test. As soon as we got there we realised she was going to have to be sedated, she only glanced at the vet and was barking at her. Cas was determined not to give in, but eventually after 15 mins she succumbed and the hearing test could be started. I have never known Cas so floppy she's normally such a stiff little dog always alert - it was quite weird! Turns out she has normal hearing in both ears at 40 decibels so I don't know what it is with her, I guess she's just becoming stubborn in her old age! Lol.

She came around quickly after being given the reversal injection which surprised the vet as she said they normally take a long time, but not Cas she was going to be awake even if she didn't feel it! Bless though she's still a bit wobbly and has actually worked quite well as she has slept through the fireworks! She'll be standing there and all of a sudden her front leg will go and wake her up again and she's still a bit floppy and cuddly - I can give her a fuss without her wanting to play! Here she is in her TTouch wrap.

A vid of her trying to fight sleep, lolol!

I bought a sat nav last week as my job has changed and am out on the road a bit now, was quite funny as I have it connected to my phone and I received a text on my way with Cas tonight and it read the text out loud. I was in histericks listening to it trying to interpret text lingo lol! I have a sad life! And if anyone is selling tickets to see The Killers in Brum let me know as am desperate for some!!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Agility Addicts

Rum was a little naughty today as he missed his A-frame when I was behind him in Novice Agility so I reinforced second time round. In Jumping it was a tough course, Round 1 was a disaster and Round 2 was a lot better but not clear. Finally Open Catherine Wheel and we stormed round, he was amazing and beat some good grade 6 and 7s to win it. :-)

Cas was a good girlie, she just dropped a pole in Senior Jumping Round 1 because I hadn't straightened from a front cross! Then dropped a couple of poles in Round 2 - not sure why. In Catherine Wheel I couldn't set her up further enough back from the first jump and she took it out.

Ember was so fab in her Senior Jumping but took a pole out in each round. We stormed round the Open Catherine Wheel and she won it easily. Finally the two agility rounds which we won't talk too much about as she was an absolute nightmare! She won an orange dog witch toy - hmm how ironic!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Shrewsbury Agility

Just Ember at their small/medium show. I have to say today (even though we didn't have any clears) was the best day we have had together in a couple of months. In pairs she ran with Aljeana and Amy and unfortunately both dogs took a pole. Then G6-7 Agility and she was amazing - got her A-frame (have been retraining a 4 off for half an hour every day this week lol as she flies so much in the ring she is struggling to stop in a 2O2O) and dog walk which I ran past and held her on and a really difficult weave entry but stupid handler didn't push her out to the tunnel enough and she took the wrong entrance. In G6-7 Jumping she broke her wait and got a 5R - don't see how we could have done it without a wait - shame as she stormed round the rest of it. Finally C6-7 Jumping and it was jump-weaves and as per the norm on that setup she went into the second weave, otherwise was cracking. We didn't fight any single run today and felt like we were working together - typical last outdoor show!!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Agility Addicts

Ran Rum round agility first, knocked first pole so didn't say a word for contacts and he was straight into position so I held him there with a stop, in round two stupid handler pulled him off a jump by commanding too early. He had a fab clear round Jump N Gamble and we went for a super gamble (only way to win) which is jump-tunnel-weaves with handler behind the line, he didn't get it and I didn't really expect him to. Then Novice Jumping and he was clear, I am really having to run to keep up and he had a couple of moments where he looked back to check where I was, in round 2 I tried something different and we were E'd but he ended up 1st with his first round result.

Cas started with Senior Jumping and just could not seem to hear me after the first jump and was totally confused about where to go so I took her out, the noise was horrendous and she is really struggling hearing wise at the moment. In Round 2 it was a lot quieter but she had a pole down and still felt a bit unsure. Finally Open Jump N Gamble and she had a lovely clear and did the Super Gamble ending up 1st.

Ember started with Senior Jumping and to my amazement was clear, I thought she was a bit wide so wanted to tighten her up on the second round but it caused her to miss weave entry and knock a pole, anyway she ended up 1st with her first round result. Unfortunately in Jump N Gamble she had a pole out so didn't get as far as the gamble, her time was about the same as Cassie's too. Then Senior Agility, in Round 1 I got lost and in Round 2 I didn't send her out enough past a jump and we got E'd. Am still struggling with her A-frame contact, out of 4 times she got it 3 but I cannot get her into a nice stop and hold grr.

Anyway a good day with a win for each :-)))

Sunday, 5 October 2008

UKA Top Barn Agility

What a horrible wet morning, I ran Rum in agility and my god he was flying (I think he thought woo hoo we're back outdoors again lol!) he flew over the dogwalk and lost his footing and missed the contact which was fair enough, so I put him back over, see-saw fab and A-frame just amazing, so quick right into position and I held him there calling him over the finish. Then Novice Jumping and he broke his wait and so I put him back eliminating us, ran the rest nicely and did the pull throughs well. In Novice Steeplechase he had a nice clear with a couple of hairy moments and came 2nd. In Novice Snooker he had to do the A-frame 4 times, and OH MY GOD he was amazing, way ahead of me straight into position, 2nd time he released himself (I think I may have been late with my command to hold him in position), 3rd time straight into position, we made a bit of a mess of the rest of the course so I sent him off round a corner and over the A-frame while I was ahead and a jump away to the side - he was straight into position again. I am soooo pleased with his contacts he has always always done his second A-frame in a creeping manner and I am just amazed at how different his contacts have been - lets hope it continues!!

Cas was fantastic and did a lovely round in Novice Jumping coming 1st and also in Novice Steeplechase also coming 1st - the standard height suits her so much better.

Ember was a struggle as Novice Agility was a big spacey course and she tends to twizzle and yip when there are big gaps between obstacles when I can't keep up! Then Novice Steeplechase and she was flying, went to take the wrong tunnel so I called her, started heading towards the right tunnel then I could see her think 'ooh perhaps it's not tunnel after all' and she pulled off getting 5r but still finished 2nd. Her Novice Jumping was a real shame as I just ran out of puff half way round (I had had something like 5 runs in the last 10 mins running back and forth to the van) lol. Snooker was a disaster so I carried her out, I just cannot send her on to obstacles that are miles apart and I cannot keep up.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Lune Valley Agility

Rum well, gosh I had forgotten how much we struggled indoors as everything is so close and judges seemed to have a thing about really close pull throughs. In the C4-5 Jumping he was too responsive and pulled off a jump early, the rest he ran lovely. Then G5-7 Agility and I was determined to run his contacts confidently dropping his contact command 'stop' as this had been causing him to creep down the contact, so once he was position I gave him his release and they were a lot quicker and was so chuffed - thanks Lee for the tips :-) I then didn't hold my position enough for a pull through but the weave entry was REALLY difficult and he was nowhere near getting it. Finally G5-7 Jumping - I think there were 5 pull throughs in this class and actually he didn't do to badly and got a fairly tricky weave entry but I could tell by the end of today he was getting a little fed up of being nagged. Sooooo pleased with his contacts though :-D

Cas ran C6-7 Jumping and I was in the wrong place so made a mess of it, then G5-7 Agility and she was fab apart from missing her contacts (this will probably be her last agility class as am now retiring her to jumping) and knocking a pole and wing which landed on her head!! She is fine and ran lovely round G5-7 Jumping just having a pole then I was lazy and didn't send her to the tunnel.

Ember was in C1-7 Agility and only missed her weave entry, got her contacts nicely. Then C6-7 Jumping and stupid handler made the exact same mistake she did with Cas! C1-7 Jumping and we stormed round, had a bit of a wide turn where she wanted to carry on and not turn, but we ended up 2nd! Finally C6-7 Agility and the only good things were contacts and weave entry - the rest was awful lolol!

Got home just in time for Mrs Doubtfire - love that film, lol very sad!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Dashin Dogs

On Saturday Rum really crashed into the last jump in his jumping class and Sunday he knocked 3 poles which is unlike him so I think he may still have been a little bit sore though he isn't lame. He had a 4th in Grade 5 Jumping and that was with a detour, me thinking he was faulted and just standing there letting him work the course lol! He was naughty in Dog Vegas agility so I held his contacts. His contacts have been fab all weekend though his a-frame was quite creepy in his last class.

Cas had a 5th in Grade 6 Jumping, nice run and then knocked a pole in Comb 6-7 Jumping. She had a fab agility round on Sunday getting all her contacts but I pulled her past a jump grrrr! Then she was naughty in both jumpings and I had to pull her out which I have never done in jumping so am still a bit unsure about her.

Ember had a 4th in Comb 6-7 Jumping and that was with a twizzle as I struggled to keep up! The agility classes weren't Ember courses so I reinforced her contacts. She was storming round Grade 6 Jumping when her stupid handler started sending her the wrong way - major major grrrrr!

HUGE well done to Lee and Scott who won two Grade 4 Agility classes (their first time in G4) :-) Am glad to be home, it was a bit mad with 12 runs I didn't seem to stop especially Sunday!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bromsgrove Agility


I judged Graded 1-2 Agility and Grade 3 Agility. It was my first time judging and I really enjoyed it. Here are my courses, 1-2 on the left and 3 on the right.


Ran Rum in Graded 5-7 Jumping which I hadn't walked! He was naughty as shuffled in his wait and went round the first jump, so I put him back and he worked lovely apart from completely flattening a spread which was on a turn. Then Combined 1-7 Agility and he picked up the wrong tunnel entry, rest was lovely. Finally Burns Derby and he got his contacts but then the jumping was jump weave and the weave was on a funny angle which he didn't get as it was also quite tight and his stride just took him past it. This time last year Rum was winning Grade 3 Agility so am pleased with the progress he's made over the year.

Cas I ran the G5-7 Jumping and she had a pole and the spread down, then C1-7 Agility and the naughty so and so missed her dogwalk and then A-frame so I put her back on, in C6-7 Agility she got her dogwalk but then was being weird and sort of switched off so I took her out - am a bit worried about how she was in that class.

Ember missed he weaves in C5-7 Jumping, she struggles when they aren't following a jump, so this was a pull through and send to the weaves and she just cannot pick this type of entry up. Then C6-7 Agility and she missed her dogwalk so put her back on then got her A-frame but released herself so put her back on and took her out, I didn't run the last agility as it would have sent her round the bend!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Paws In The Park


Rum ran in C4-5 Jumping first and it was really twisty we got E'd early on but he ran it nicely until we got to a pull through which he wouldn't pull through!!! Then Graded 4-5 Agility and he was lovely, his contacts nice and quick again and I just felt he really listened - did two pull throughs lol, but he did something weird between the A-frame and weaves and am not sure why so he had 5R - having watched video back I still don't know why he did it.

Cas ran in Graded 6-7 Agility and procedeed to miss her contacts and we made a right hash of it. Then we ran Combined 6-7 Jumping which was a tricky course (perfect for us) and I was in shock we got round it, over the moon, then to find out we came 3rd was just amazing, in a combined class - wow!

Ember we won't mention was very naughty on her contacts in agility but got a nice weave entry.

Cassie's 3rd and Rum's agility 5R


Rum's first run was C5-7 Agility and I went in thinking I would train his contacts and they were awful! I have never seen them so slow!! Then Combined 3-5 Jumping and he had a cracking run but just rolled a pole, darn shame as he was running lovely. Then C3-5 Agility and we were clear but I held his contacts. I was really pleased though as two of the weave entries were REALLY tricky and he got them fine :-) Rum worked in Novice HTM and I was so pleased as have been having trouble with him switching off in the ring but he had a wobble to start but once over that worked lovely so was really pleased with him.

Cas ran C6-7 Jumping and rolled the second to last pole, a shame but I didn't feel we ran that well it wasn't our type of course. That was it for her and we went on to compete in Crufts Advanced Freestyle performing to Cotton Eye Joe and the little star came 4th gaining her qualifier for the Semis next Feb!

Ember was okay in C6-7 Jumping but rolled a pole early on, in Helter Skelter she was naughty and missed her weave entry. So I entered her into the Weave Challenge and my god she did it perfectly 2 out of 3 times and won the qualifier for the Small/Mediums but I never made the final as I was working Cas in the Freestyle - shame!

Cassie's Freestyle Routine

Sunday, 31 August 2008

WBSDS Agility

Rum's first run was Combined 1-7 Jumping, he was going lovely until after the weaves when I wanted to bring him through two jumps and he decided to flick himself the other way which totally flummoxed me, Rum thought he had finished but I got him back and we were clear ending up 12th so I was pleased with that. Then 4-5 Jumping and a tough weave entry which he got but couldn't steady himself enough for the second pole - shame he worked the rest lovely - nice and tight! Then 4-5 Agility and the numpty had a pole down which I think was due to me nagging, lovely round, got a tricky weave entry and held the contacts a bit (though not enough!). Finally Combined 1-7 Helter Skelter where we had a nice clear with a messy bit where he almost went into the tunnel and we finished 7th. All runs on the video apart from Helter Skelter as the camera work wasn't great ;-). Really pleased he got some tricky weave entries - guess what we were working on at home all last week!!

Cas ran Combined 1-7 Jumping and naughty handler was in the wrong place doing a stupid blind turn and she ran past the tunnel. Then 6-7 Jumping and I moved off the weaves too soon and she came out. 6-7 Agility and she was going lovely but was very naughty and missed her dogwalk despite me standing right by the contact – A-frame was lush. Then Helter Skelter and she just had a pole down because I was nagging her too much!

Ember was in la la land today, in the one jumping she missed a tricky weave and it just went downhill from there. In the other jumping she decided to go bombing straight on out of the tunnel instead of listening to my ‘LEFT’ – darn pity as she ran lovely. In agility she was all over the place but got her contacts apart from A-frame which was the last contact and I put her back on and got a lovely weave entry. Finally Helter Skelter and the naughty dog determinedly ran through the tiniest gap between my leg and the wing, another great shame! Ooh she’s such a naughty little dog.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Dordale Agility

Ran Rum in Combined 5-7 Jumping, he had the second pole down, worked the rest lovely but missed the weave entry as it was quite tough. Then Grade 5 Agility and he missed a tough weave entry again, difficult one as we don't get them at training and so I don't know what to do as he will get them at home. Then Grade 5 Jumping and he broke his wait and got E'd - you needed a wait!

Didn't take Cas as I don't think she is 100%.

Ember was good in Combined 5-7 Agility as she got all her contacts but she cut across me and picked up the wrong tunnel entry. In Combined 5-7 Jumping she had a lovely round with a couple of wide turns and came 2nd (beaten by a grade 7 dog). Then Combined 1-7 Jumping and stupid handler made her push round a jump instead of flick flack the jump - stupid handler!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Pembroke Agility

First up was agility and Rum just was not listening, he flew off in the wrong direction and was generally doing what he wanted to do. In his second agility he was better but was naughty and flew off his A-frame so I put him back on - I am getting a little fed up with this contact business as he hardly ever missed one and just lately he is being naughty. Then Circular Jumping he was a good boy, went clear and won it for the large dogs in a time of 20.10.

Cas missed all her contacts in the first agility as per the norm, then the second agility she was better and just missed her a-frame. In circular jumping we were clear but unplaced as she seemed to be struggling a little especially with right turns so am going to to take her to the chiropractor.

Ember was naughty and missed her a-frame in agility so I put her back on and carried on, she was twizzling and yapping but her first run is tending to be horrendous! Circular jumping and she was amazing and won it for the smalls in a time of 20.40. In jumping she got eliminated at number two by shooting off into the tunnel, such a shame as she ran the rest lovely and I pushed a tricky ish weave entry and she got it.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Dashin Dogs

Rum was such a naughty boy in his first two runs, his agility he pinged his dogwalk so I put him back on, in jumping he just wasn't listening and was in a world of his own. He was so amazing in team but unfortunately there were two Es. Then Grade 5 Jumping and he ran it really well - was a reall big Rum type course, I didn't think we were fantastic - well he only went and won it!!

Cas missed her a-frame in agility so I put her back on, then in jumping she had a couple of poles down, not sure why. Grade 6 Jumping (same course Rum won) and she had a lovely clear, coming 13th not a Cassie course as it was so big. Finally team and she was running last, the pressure was on as the team had gone clear but we did it and won team so are in the final tomorrow! Wow!

Ember had a pole down in jumping and pinged her dogwalk in agility so I put her back on. Combined 6-7 Jumping (same course as Rum's win) and we went clear - with two sets of weaves!! She had a couple of spins but otherwise ran well and came 5th.

Well Sunday our first dog had a pole down then Cas had a pole down, not much to report on as I am always rubbish after we have won a class!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Dizzy Update

Well Diz has been sporting her magnetic collar since I went to camp - 26th July. She has also been having those joint chews from Pedigree. I have to say I am amazed at the change! She is so lively now, always on the go. We played football the other night (her favourite game!) and whereas in the last couple of months she hasn't been able to get up the next morning (so I stopped playing) she was fine the next day and hasn't had a bad morning like that since wearing it. I am so chuffed it has made a difference, it was horrible to see my lovely Diz Dog suffer and her colitis cleared up within a week too.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

KC Agility Festival

Friday was the day of the two Novice Cup classes and we had a Grade 5 Jumping too, the stupid idiot of a handler rushed Rum's weaves in every single class and he missed his entry every time - grrrr stupid stupid handler! I went to the show thinking first show with Rum in Grade 5, classes are huge (180 dogs) and very competitive so we would do some nice training. We went clear in Grade 5 Agility which was a really hard course and it was a little messy and contacts were a bit slow, but I was dead chuffed to get him round it and we ended up 9th! In Combined 4-5 Agility I decided to really reinforce his position on his contacts and hold them, clear but not placed (as expected). Then in Grade 5 Jumping he ran like a dream and to my (very pleasant) surprise we ended up 3rd!! So much for me saying he won't be competitive in Grade 5! Sunday was a bit of a wash out, he broke his wait in 4-5 Jumping and then missed his weave entry which was really hard. In G5 agility he was sooo naughty and completely flew his a-frame so I put him back on. Finally G5 Jumping and he missed his weave entry which a lot of dogs were doing, I think it because the spacing between them and the jump before was quite tight.

Cas - well we just couldn't get it together, so many 5 faults and silly little odd mistakes. Her dogwalk and see-saw contacts were fine but she was missing her A-frame, she was picking up weaves from the most awkward of angles.

On Friday Ember was hard work and we messed up a flick flack in the cup jumping and in the cup agility I was so excited she was going clear I didn't move onto the next bit and she flew off in the other direction!!On Saturday we were having an okayish round in G6 Agility, clear until the second to last obstacle which was the dogwalk and she flew her contact - grrr. She had a clear in Combined 6-7 Jumping, I had to really run and we did have a couple of mega wide turns but ended up 5th! On Sunday I ran her jumping and after two obstacles picked her up and took her out and we went home as I had a cracking headache and Ember isn't the sort of dog to run when you don't feel 100% and I think she knows it!

And I bought a new pair of Ditas, anyone who knows me will know how worn my old pair were - well after 7 years they would be lol!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Agility Addicts

First class was agility for Rum and he had a pole so I trained his contacts and he worked it lovely, we repeated the class and again he had a pole down (both times stupid handler getting in the way!). Then jumping he ran it lovely, but entered the weaves the wrong side, darn shame I didn't pull him to me enough. Then Tunnel Vision and he was absolutely flying then stupid handler started calling him to early and pulled him off a jump, major mahor grrr! He worked soooo lovely.

Cas started with agility and for the last couple of weeks has been at home not having much exercise (when I was at camp I took the ginger ones ;-)). She had the first couple of poles down in agility so I trained her contacts, in round 2 she went clear coming 2nd in Senior Agility. Then Jumping again a nice clear but at one point went left instead of right so just came away with a clear. Finally Tunnel Vision and she had a pole as I handled her too much like Rum and put my other arm up to block her turn.

Ember was naughty in agility and missed her A-frame so I put her back over then in round 2 she missed again so I took her out. Jumping she went in the weaves the wrong side like Rum. Finally Tunnel Vision and she had several spins before the tunnel coming 3rd.

Pleased with them as they all waited on the start line and worked nicely, only my mistakes.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Rugby Agility

First run was Graded 1-7 Jumping (which I hadn’t walked!) and I got a wait out of him, he was soooo responsive! I was amazed as he was responding straight away to commands and I almost pulled him off a couple of jumps because of it lol! Otherwise he was fab and picked up a really tight weave entry and came 2nd in Grade 4. Then Combined 1-4 Agility and again he was so fab and his contacts were lush, I was in the wrong place and he knocked a pole. Last run was Combined 1-4 Jumping and I put him in a wait, he was naughty and jumped the finish! So I set him back up again and got a wait and he worked it lovely, again just so responsive. He has really amazed me today and just worked so well I couldn’t have asked for more.

Cas only had one run which was Graded 1-7 Jumping and she knocked the first pole, because I had her in a wait and I didn’t wait until she had cleared the first jump before I moved. Otherwise she worked it really nicely.

Ember had Graded 1-7 Agility and she knocked the first pole too, then she missed her weaves – naughty girl. Then Combined 6-7 Jumping which was a really tough course but I surprised myself and we worked really well but again missed a difficult weave entry and then was just plain naughty with her weaves!!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Cold Wet Nose

Cas had been invited to receive an award around lunchtime so we got there early to have a look round. Our first port of call was the 60 Weave Challenge which Cas loves, she did it (including 2 jumps) in a time of 16.2 (I think) and finished 4th. Then Ember did it in a time of 17. (something!) finishing 8th and Rum in a time of 19.(something). The top 8 went through to a final in the main ring later on which was two lanes each with a 2 jumps and 24 weaves between and it worked like a knockout. Ember (the only non collie in the final!) went first and was closely knocked out. Then Cas went and won through the rounds to the final and in the end came 2nd.

Cas & I received our award in the main ring at lunch time and then we did a display to Cotton Eye Joe in the main ring where my timing was a little bit out and I gave her a couple of wrong commands, but otherwise she was fab and didn’t bark!! Straight after that we were in the dance ring running a masterclass for the afternoon and used Rum and Ember. The children loved it, especially Ember as she is small enough to weave through even the smallest persons legs J I was so proud of them both, they worked harder than me lol!

At the end of the day we did some filming for CBBC, Rum did some skipping and Cas did some basketball playing :-)

Monday, 7 July 2008


Bit of a different post, Diz was retired at the age of 3-4 as had degenerative disc disease, after major spinal surjery she had her spine pinned. Anyway she has been in the wars a bit and here’s an update.

Poor old Diz has had bad diarrhoea over the weekend and it also had blood in it, we had made an appointment with the vet today anyway as she has been really stiff on her back legs. Anyway the vet says she has colitis and is on anti-inflammatories and something else, he said it should clear up okay. He messed with her back legs and she had a bit of a grumble and he confirmed (as we thought) she is arthritic and her spine was quite sore too. So has said the anti-inflammatories she is on for colitis should help the arthritis but also to look at a new treat Pedigree have out which is packed with glucosamine and has worked well for other dogs he treats and see how it goes. The other option would be to have her on Metacam but am a bit concerned about having her on that long term. So anyway no more playing ball or boisterous plays with Rum as she really pays for it the next day, sometimes she has struggled to get up.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Wellingborough Agility

Rum’s first run was combined 3-4 Agility, he went so well (a couple of wide turns) but I was so pleased with his fast contacts and his weaves were pretty quick too, two jumps from the end he thought he had finished and would go and fetch his lead – what a naughty dog!! Then in the jumping he was VERY naughty and started off so well, I shaped him into a right turn telling him right and moving that way with my body and he decided to go left! I made him lie down and sent him round some jumps but he was not listening, missed one jump out so at that point I took him out of the ring – I am not having him ignore me and thinking he knows best! Anyway in the Tunnel Vision he was fab and he really listened, I just didn’t hold my position to pull him in on a turn and he picked up the tunnel.

Cas was a star, she had a lovely steady clear in Tunnel Vision and was 16th. Then in agility she ran lovely but because I was behind her she didn’t get her contacts (am not fussed really lol!). Lastly jumping and she was amazing but just had a pole down because I was trying to get a tight turn.

Ember, well naughty Ember, in the Eukanuba I am not sure whether her dogwalk was marked but she missed it and then had 2 poles down! Otherwise she did run that quite nicely. In the circular knockout she wouldn’t wait and then missed her A-frame and weaves though she did try to get her weaves and did go on nicely. She’s such a frustrating little dog!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Watford Agility

Rum ran Grade 4 Agility first, he was lovely - contacts nice and quick (though DWalk was a bit creepy) but he came out of his last weave then had a pole - have been working on some jumping exercises this week (see bottom vid), he isn't leaping as much as he used to so we're getting there. Then Grade 4 Jumping I actually remember to start turning him before a jump but did so too much and he pulled off - grrrr! In pairs he got Eliminated, it was such an easy course but I must admit I did leave him to it a bit and he dodged a jump - shame as he was going soooo nicely. We didn't seem to be in tune today, I think because I was in tune with the diddy dogs :-D

Cas ran pairs with my mum (who has only run Cas twice before and that's the only time she's done agility!), anyway despite her telling Cas left when she meant right they only went clear, really ashamed of Rum and I's round! LOL. Then Grade 6 Agility which I hadn't walked as wasn't sure I would run but I did and OMG, got a wait, she got all her contacts solidly and did it sooo nicely (wasn't a nice course!) but stupid handler pulled her off a jump commanding her like I did Rum! Lastly Grade 6 Jumping and a nice clear, she came 13th bless, it wasn't a Cas course as was quite big,

Ember was fab today, this dog is soo frustrating! In jumping we made a bit of a mess of everything which we tend to do in the first run. Then Agility and her contacts and wait and weaves were lovely, she refused the see-saw as needs really clear signals to contacts, then we missed a pull through and did a round lol but was reallt pleased. Finally the Euk Qualifier which was challenging and we were doing so well until we got to the A-frame, I started to get excited and didn't command her firmly and she missed it, after that I gave up for the next bit as was gutted, but she then went and picked the weaves up really nicely.

Video of most of the runs from the show:

Jumping training from Thursday:

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Newton Heath Agility

Rum has worked really well this show, on the Friday he had the first pole down in Combined 4-5 Jumping and would have been 3rd. Then Saturday he had the odd pole in the jumping and in Novice Olympia he was 8th despite a wide almost Elmination moment! On Sunday we started with Champagne Breakfast Stakes and he had a fab round, coming 2nd. Then we got round a testing Grade 4 Agility class and I went to see if he had been placed, he had only gone and won it!! In the Grade 4 Jumping he had a pole, then Agility we made a bit of a hash so was quite pleased to train his contacts. Last class was Combined 1-4 Helter Skelter and again he had a fab round, bouncing the jumps sooooo nicely and I went to presentations thinking he probably got placed and he had won it! He has worked so well, I think the only reason for poles is possibly because the ground was quite bumpy as he doesn’t normally knock poles. I didn’t want to win out of Grade 4 yet and thought we had stopped it by holding his dogwalk but not so! His first Grade 5 will be KC festival which I am really annoyed about as it’s such a competitive show and Rum isn’t really that fast I was hoping he wouldn’t be in till Dashin, so it’s a bit of a bitter sweet win really, guess I got to really do some training with him now!

Cas was working well too, on Friday she had a clear in Combined 6-7 Jumping but was on placed, then was clear in Combined 6-7 Jump N Gamble and came 3rd – really pleased with that, she bit Lee and Jack hee hee ;-). On Saturday she had an odd pole down in each jumping (I only entered her in jumping this weekend). On Sunday she had a nice clear and came 6th in Champagne Breakfast Stakes (beaten by Rum ha ha!) and just had a pole in jumping, then was 14th in Combined 5-7 Time, Fault and Out.

Ember we won’t mention as she spent the weekend missing her A-frame (me putting her back on) or if we got far enough missing weaves grrrrrr! Then in Time, Fault and Out she had the first pole down – only she could do that!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Packington Agility

Rum started off with Graded 3-5 Jumping which was quite a naggy course but really huge course. He ran really nicely and just had a pole down when I hesitated as to which way we had to go next!! Then Novice Olympia and we were clear, I quick released his contacts though his dogwalk was a bit creepy and he had a wide turn before the dogwalk but I was really pleased and we ended up 10th.

Cas only had one run which was helter skelter and she was clear though had a twizzle out of the tunnel so I don't know where she was placed.

Ember ran past the tunnel in Graded 4-7 Jumping, shame as she was running nicely but it was my fault by moving on too soon. Then Combined 4-7 Agility and I did a very daring recall and it paid off really well, she missed her weave entry as I didn't shape her into her turn enough, then she backjumped as I should have left her carrying on the way she was going but I didn't!!
Journey home was a nightmare, several roads closed due to fallen trees, a few near misses!! Video footage of all runs and also a couple from Waldridge:

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Waldridge Fell Agility

SATURDAY- Rum ran Novice Olympia first, had a lovely run but judge marked his up contact, boo hoo(see vid) - I hate up contacts lol!! Then his graded agility he picked up 5F again and am not sure why, shame he would have won the class by 2 seconds, but then saying that I don't want him in Grade 5 yet. In his first jumping run he must have had about 5 jumps down, only thing I can thing is the ring was quite slippy.
SUNDAY - First run was combined 3-5 Agility and he was naughty and flew his see-saw so I put him back over it and left the ring. Then Combined 3-5 Jumping which he ran lovely but for some reason came out of the 4th weave?!? Graded Jumping and he had a pole down - otherwise again lovely and a nice wait too. Finally Graded Agility and he blatantly jumped his A-Frame contact so I put him back over and left the ring.

SATURDAY - Cas had a lovely clear in Combined 6-7 Jumping but was unplaced, unfortunately had a pole down in the Graded 6-7 Jumping. She had nice runs in both agility classes just missing her A-Frame contact in both.
SUNDAY - Again a nice clear in Combined 6-7 Jumping and a pole down in the Graded Jumping grrr. In Graded Agility I needed a wait so really reinforced it and got one but she knocked the first pole, typical! She then went on to run by tyre as I didn't tell her enough but otherwise got round a REALLY tough course and got all her contacts. Final agility and I got a 4 jump recall out of her which is generally unheard of, but again missed her A-Frame contact.

SATURDAY - Oh my god this little sheltie is on form!! She knocked the first pole in Graded Jumping but otherwise had a nice if a little messy round. Then we ran Combined 1-7 Jumping and she felt lovely, fab clear and we ended up 1st! Finally Graded Agility and she ran by the A-Frame but otherwise a lovely round and stunning contacts, 5 jump recall and again came 1st! 2 wins in a day, I have never had 2 wins in a year with her!
SUNDAY - I think I may have dreamt this weekend! Started with Graded Agility and she ran by the see-saw and self released her A-frame, so I put her back on her contact (don't want to lose them!). Then a stunning clear in Graded Jumping, another 1st. Finally a tough (for Ember) Combined 1-7 Jumping, really straight, fast weave entry - well amazingly we had a stonking clear and another 1st! 4 wins at one show, 6 wins in 2 months, not bad going :-)))

Click here to watch 'Rum-Olympia-Q-Waldridge'

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Tunbridge Wells Agility

Rum was totally loopy. On Saturday I put him back on his a-frame as he early released after having made a right hash of the start of the Novice Olympia. His other agility run was really nice but I didn't send him out enough and he ran in past a jump. On Sunday, his grade 4 jumping he was naughty and missed his weave entry despite it being jump, weaves!!! Then combined 3-5 jumping run he had a nice clear with one messy bit and came 20th. Finally Grade 4 Agility and he decided to ignore me and fly up the A-frame, contacts were nice but weave entry none existent again!!

Cas decided to miss her A-frame contacts in her two agility classes on Saturday and to miss her dogwalk contacts in her two agility classes on Sunday. She pulled in on Saturday's Grade 6 Jumping instead of going out, then on Sunday just had the first pole - a real shame as was a lovely round.

First time back running Ember and she felt lovely, we only had two classes on Sunday. Lovely long wait and contacts in the agility but I pulled her off the tunnel entry, another lovely long wait in jumping and I moved too soon pulling her off a jump, then didn't go far enough on weaves, see vid vv:

Monday, 5 May 2008

Vyne Agility

Rum started off with Grade 4 Jumping and he went clear, yay finally! I made sure I hung back for his weaves and he had a lovely round, almost refused the tyre as was turning back to see where I was after the flat tunnel (need to make sure I am encouraging him through it) and also had a wide turn before the tunnel as I didn't call him early enough, anyway he ended up 5th out of about 120 dogs so was pleased with that. Then Combined 3-5 Jumping and another clear (see video) was so pleased, was a bit messy after jump two, had a twizzle out of the tunnel (I took a risk staying behind it) and almost ran by the long jump as he landed so long but he was so good and quickly took it as I shouted right lol! then Grade 4 Agility which was a horrendous course and we got Eliminated before obstacle 3, I carried on for a bit to do the A-frame and Dogwalk but I really didn't want to put both of us through the rest of the course as it was far too difficult for a young dog.

Cas started with Grade 6 Agility and missed her A-frame, again she wouldn't send to the tunnel. Combined 6-7 Agility she missed the A-frame again and did the rest nice but at two points just would not send on again. Finally Grade 6 Jumping and I fell over!

And the excellent news is Char had a fantastic round with Ember in the Combined 4-5 Jumping and won it by 2 seconds so that now makes her Grade 6 - well done!!

View this montage created at One True Media
Rum - Vyne 2008

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Shrewsbury Agility

Rum and I didn't do very well this weekend, his contacts were stunning and his turns were lovely but his weaves were awful!! He missed the entry twice, skipped the second pole and came out the last but one. He was really rocketing round this weekend and I think he just could not stop himself to steady before the weaves - aaarrrgh! We've not had this problem before he has always been perfect and trouble is with training indoors he isn't getting the same speed up that he does when he is outdoors.

Cas I am a little worried about, I think she may be starting to go deaf as the last couple of weeks I have lost her on a walk and she hasn't come back - have had to jump around like a loony to get her back! Then at home she keeps missing the last weave when I am away from her which she has never done. Her contacts weren't too bad if I was up there with her. She had a clear and 10th in Grade 6 Jumping with a couple of wide turns. Then on Sunday she would not send on in her jumping classes which is VERY unlike her which makes me think there is something going on. A 4 jump blast to the end and she pulled off the last to look at me as if to say what next despite me going GO GO GO, so I need to book her in for a hearing test.

Some of our runs from the weekend, lets hope we get it together next show!

View this montage created at One True Media
Shrewsbury Show

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Agility Addicts Unaf

I had my first judging appointment today (well I did a couple a few years ago but both were fun classes), so today I judged elementary and starters agility – I set a couple of flowing courses which didn’t have much of a course change between so was quite pleased with the way it went. Therefore I missed both Cas and Rum’s jumping classes.

Open Connector was first and Rum was flying (he has been having a lot more exercise lately and he is really on fire!) and it was quite a messy round with just a pole down. Novice Agility was next and it was quite a tough course for a big dog, we got round it really nicely until we came to a tight pull through – I thought I had got him but didn’t bring him through quick enough and he back jumped. In his second run he ran superbly I was so pleased with him but his A-frame was marked, shame as he would have won it.

Cas ran Senior Agility first which was another tough course, I managed to get her round the difficult bits but pulled her off the weaves too much and she went round a jump – then she missed her A-frame so I put her back over. In the second run she carried on after the tunnel and I can’t figure out why as I did exactly the same as I did in the first run, anyway she went and missed her A-frame again so I put her back on. I don’t know what to do as I even tested her on my courses and reinforced the contacts and she still went in the (same!) ring and missed them – she is so naughty!!! Open Connector we went clear but didn’t go the way we intended to and made it very difficult for ourselves and lost a lot of time! Tee hee.

Oh well one of these days we might go clear again!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Baughton Unaf

Rum's first run was agility (all classes combined 4-7) and I went in hoping his contacts would be nice and fast and not make an issue of them. Well his dogwalk was lovely so I told him to stop and he went straight to the bottom and off (I use a wait command after the stop when I hold them), had a very wide turn and almost into the weaves but I managed to get him back, lovely see-saw, lovely tight turn before the tunnel and a lovely A-frame (again just with stop). I was so pleased he was soooo confident on his contacts and he ended up 1st! He had a lovely clear in jumping but stupid me went the wrong way and got us eliminated, it was clear for him though as that's how I had run it lol! Then Helter Skelter and he was going lovely but pulled off a jump I think because I turned too early perhaps.

Cassie's agility run was rubbish as per usual, we got eliminated before even starting as she took a signal from my other arm which was flapping!! Anyway she missed her dogwalk and A-frame and I realise having watched the video back that she is actually hoping off every time just before the contact and I think she associates that area with me faffing with her (ie putting her back on) and is avoiding it so I don't know what to do about that! She ran it nicely though. Then the jumping and she did the same as she did at the start of the agility and jumped behind me getting eliminated. Finally Helter Skelter and we went clear, ended up 1st! I cannot believe the difference in her jumping since she has seen the chiropractor this last week, she was measuring standard height so badly last weekend and having found her front leg, shoulder and neck were twisted and being put right she was back on form today!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Wye Valley Agility

I wasn't at the show but Charlotte (see Summerick Blog) has been training Ember for a couple of weeks and took her to Wye. They were clear in agility with held contacts, just had a pole in Helter Skelter and won Grade 5 Jumping!! Ember just needs one more win to go up to Grade 6 as she already has a Combined 1-7 Jumping win. Well done Char and Emz!!

Monday, 31 March 2008

Agility Addicts

Rum's first run was Novice Jumping, we went clear but it was sooooo messy, he was very wide and I found it really difficult to turn him, in his second round he had his Welsh head on so I took him out, we came 4th. He was unsure why I wasn't running with him in the Easter Egg Race and pulled off a jump, shame as the rest was nice. In his Novice Agility he had a nice clear but his contacts were very slow (been having trouble with them lately speed wise), his second round he knocked 2 seconds off his time but had a pole down, he came 4th in the end.

Cassie's first run was Senior Agility, both rounds she missed her contacts despite me putting her back on, I give up with agility. In Senior Jumping we had a pole down in the first run but had a nice clear second time round (see video) and came 2nd. Then we had an easy blast round the Easter Egg Race and came 3rd.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Crufts - Jumping

I left Cas in the van for the morning as Crufts gets so busy at the weekend, she was happier in the van. Got her in for the Senior Jumping in the YKC ring which was a trial in itself as it was sooooo busy!! Walked the course and I thought how nice it was, however I would have to be careful not to call her too early on a couple of turns as I would risk the pole down. Paws were covered in paw spray and we were running 8th. First hurdle was not knocking the first jump down, took a bit of a risk by sending her into the flat tunnel while cutting the corner but I made sure I told her tunnel. Managed to get a front cross in for the first turn and Cas almost picked up the weaves which I did not see her doing, just called her off in time though! Phew! Then I made sure I didn't rush her and went every step of the way as when they run on carpet they don't seem to commit as early as they do normally. Anyway we finished 3rd!!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Crufts - Freestyle

We were too late to be able to practice in the main ring, so we only had a chance to practice a bit in the collecting area. We were running 5th and went into the main ring which was amazing! However Cas didn't think so, she got quite worried about the size of the audience and wasn't her usual self during the routine - missed some jumps and also didn't do her elephant trick very well. Poor girl. However we did a display in the YKC ring later that day which she really enjoyed and performed really well. :-)

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Agility Addicts

Rum's first run was Novice Jumping, started off really well but when he should have turned left he carried on and got eliminated, not sure why as I shouted left really loudly - I think I may have still been running forward. In his second run I didn't get a long enough wait and he ran into me after the flat tunnel and over the wrong jump - pity as the rest of the round was nice. In the Speed Jumping he did exactly the same and ran round the jump after the flat tunnel, rest of the round was lurvly! In agility he was having such a stunning round, absolutely amazing contacts only to run round the last jump - you know the feeling and everyone who is watching groans!! In the second round he turned while over a jump and his back legs hit the wing and sent the whole thing flying, came out of the ring and he wouldn't put any weight on the leg, he is still not completely comfortable but better than it was.

Cassie's first run was Senior Jumping, she had a messy wide clear where I also got lost!! So I pushed her the second time (improved time by about 3 seconds!) but had a pole down - 3rd to last as I didn't give her enough space. Then the Speed Jumping in which she had 2 poles down. Last runs were Senior Agility, in the first round she missed her dogwalk so I put her back on - she went on to get A-frame lovely. In the second round her contacts were lovely and she did a start line wait, but came out of the last weave - twice!! Totally unlike her but I think I may have been moving away.

So pretty annoyed with myself as they have worked well but I haven't LOL!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Rugby HTM

Today was D day - something we have been excited/worried about all week, the biggie - Crufts Semi Final! I went in thinking I didn't stand a chance and just wanted us to try our best. Cas was so barky when we went in the ring at lunch to practice so I clipped her lead on and took her out everytime. Our class was last and we were 4th in. Walked into the ring and Cas forgot what a bow was and lay down - great start I thought. But then we started and she worked like a dream, I couldn't feel her getting wound up to bark at all - she had 3 little barks, that's all! I do admit to messing up a couple of times as I moved onto the next move too quickly. However we came 7th and qualified for Crufts next Thursday!!!!!! Woooo!!! It does mean I am going to miss Rum's agility I think - boo hoo, but hey we're in the main ring!!!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Gundog Unaf Agility

Rum's first run was in Open Steeplechase, had a lovely smooth run until I was standing in the wrong place and had a bit of 'well where are we going next?' moment, but he ended up 6th so I was pleased with that. His first agility run was so lovely but he had a pole down - contacts were so fast and the weaves, the second run he missed his weave entry as I moved on too soon and he had the same pole down. In Combined 3-4 Jumping he had a messy clear so I tried to tighten him up on his second run which made it 10 times worse, so not sure why, however he ended up 2nd so was really chuffed with that.

Cassie's first run was Open Steeplechase in which she had two poles down (thought she might as it was very tight). Her first agility run she pinged her contacts so I put her back over them and her second run was lovely, just having a pole down (and me missing out a couple of jumps lol!). We won't mentioned the first Combined 5-7 Jumping as we did everything wrong, but the second round she went beautifully but I went the wrong way and did a pull through instead of a round!! She had a pole down anyway thankfully.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Agility Addicts Show

Rum’s first run was Novice Agility 1, stupid me thought I will keep my mouth shut while he is jumping before the weaves but then I forgot to open it again to tell him to weave – so we had 5R, then he had a pole down. I really drove his contacts and made him wait. In Novice Agility 2 I put him at the wrong angle at the first jump and he went jump 1 and he then cut across and took the wrong jump, real shame as he had a beautiful round otherwise. In the Jump N Gamble he was way ahead of me, told him right but he didn’t take the right closest to him and got E’d. Finally Novice Jumping 1 and it was a hard start, getting E’d virtually straight away. For Novice Jumping 2 I changed my handling and he was going so lovely, apparently his time was quicker than any of the others, however I didn’t call firmly enough and he got E’d one jump from the end!

Cassie’s first run was Senior Agility 1, off she went, pinged A-frame, Senior Agility 2 the same thing happened, I put her back both times but to be quite honest I am sure she wasn’t bothered at all! Jump N Gamble, had a lovely speedy clear, then we got the Super Gamble only to find out we had been E’d as the stupid handler crossed the gamble line – would have won it otherwise, grrrr!! Senior Jumping 1 was a tough course but I got her round it clear, was amazed, jumped for joy! So for Senior Jumping 2 I thought I would really push her round and tighten turns, we managed to knock a second off our original time and won it!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Ribble Agility Show

Rum just had two runs today, his first was Combined 1-4 Jumping in which he decided he was going to do what he wanted to do, followed by a pairs run when again he went off doing what he wanted to do so I called him back and firmly told him 'no' after which he finished off the run lovely - first time he has ever played me up in the ring!

Cas had 4 runs, her first was the Olympia Combined 6-7 Agility, after the first jump she got herself E's backjumping the long jump as I didn't set her up at enough of an angle, such a shame as she was stunning round the rest and got all her contacts! In Grade 6 Jumping she was really listening, another stunning run but she had 2 poles down. In pairs I can't quite remember what happened but we got E'd somewhere or other lol! Then Grade 6 Agility she missed her dogwalk so I put her back in and took her out.

So this week Cas worked really nicely and it was Rum who was on another planet! Just can't seem to work 2 dogs well at the same show - Dashin Dogs was a one off last September! On another note Lee had his first show with Scott who was amazing, have a look at his site for the video.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Wilmslow Agility Show

An if only day for Rum & I. Our first run was graded 4-5 jumping, to be honest I expected an E at number 3 as it was a corner of a box and there was a jump they had to miss to come round the corner and we have always been E'd on those before - this time I stayed at the start and collected him on my right instead of going with him, he did it lovely and tight and went lovely from there on, got a tricky weave entry but I called him over a jump and he dropped the pole! Sack the handler, would have been 3rd otherwise. Graded 4-5 agility and he again had a lovely round but pulled out of the last weave as I moved too soon, his dogwalk and A-frame were a little slow but he hasn't been training for weeks. Last class was combined 4-5 agility and his A-frame was gorgeous (went straight down and then I released), he just saw a jump as a trap I hadn't and I was too late calling him - big E - shame as he ran his dogwalk and the rest really fantastically.

Cas was on another planet again, I don't know what the matter is with her lately. Combined 6-7 Agility she missed her dogwalk so I walked out. Graded 6-7 agility she had a pole down so I made sure she got her dogwalk, she ran nicely but then missed her A-frame so I put her back on it. Last run was graded 6-7 jumping and she just totally ignored me and went off on one doing her own course!

Saturday, 5 January 2008


I had entered Rum into Starters Dressage with his Syncopated Clock routine, it was a small room, really packed and he was quite stressed but did some nice bits and ended up 5th. Then his first novice class with a new routine to 500 Miles, he worked the first half well but then switched off a bit so I got the tuggy out and trained the rest, with it being novice the length of the music has increased and I must admit he struggled with it, so need to work on that!!

I was really pleased with Cas, a new routine for Advanced Freestyle - Well Did You Evah - she had a couple of little barks and I had to amend a bit mid flow as I could feel her about to go into full bark! She came 5th which I was really pleased with.