Sunday, 8 July 2007

Tuffley Agility Show

Rum worked so well this weekend I couldn't have been happier. He only had two agility runs, one we made a silly mistake and the other was quite tough for a big long striding dog so we totally messed that run up but his contacts were sooooo much better! He was confident in running to the end and stopping wherever I was (thank you Lee!) and so much quicker too. We have not really got it together in jumping but this weekend it clicked and he had a clear on a real blast of a course and came 4th (Combined 1-4), so was really chuffed with that. He had some other lovely runs, a couple with just a pole down where I commanded him over a jump and they were fairly tricky courses too. His waits were great too, I think he broke one all weekend. Here's his video, one of my favs, just love the ending.