Monday, 25 July 2011

Thames Valley

I like this venue, it’s only just over an hour away and the ground is nice and flat to run on. My only gripe is the catering as my mum and I had food poisoning from there last time we went to the show, so we have to take our own lunch and I must admit I am not really a sandwich person but there you go.

Anyway onto the agility, I did wonder now Rum has moved into senior whether we would struggle a bit with not doing any training and there were a couple of points where I thought that if I trained I could have done it. Saying that his senior jumping was a fairly tricky course and he ran it lovely but the daft thing ran round the last jump to get his lead which was off to the side, I saw Greg Derretts youngster do the same. Otherwise I was really pleased with him, we made a mistake in the steeplechase class and I took him back to redo and he didn’t stress at all, he was so relaxed. He did seem more relaxed today other than his agility the dog in front screamed it’s way round the course and he did get quite wound up.

Ember was so naughty in her agility, she’s been so good with her contacts lately but yesterday she was NAUGHTY! She decided to fly on the seesaw, she didn’t even make it tip and just carried on like it was all part of the plan. She had a perfect round in Novice Jumping and the timer didn’t start – aargh! So I ran again and we had a major blip where she pulled off the tunnel then went in, we were still clear but wasted a lot of time, ended up 2nd. The steeplechases we messed up entirely – she was on one of her headstrong days today!

Cas is my little star and still lives for her agility, getting a 1st in Casual Jumping, love my little white dog :).

Clee Cat has his first job on Wednesday, he’s doing a photo shoot. He is a really clever little thing so am hoping he behaves himself as much as he does at home – am excited about that.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


We attended a UKA show last weekend and a BAA show this weekend. I was a bit concerned about doing two shows in a row with Rum and how he would cope but I needn’t have worried. He is doing so well, his stress levels are remaining at a normal level. I have entered a KC show in August which is normally a good show in terms of the rings are well spaced out and lots of room so we shall see how he copes with it, it might be too much for him so he will stick to smaller shows but I will continue to do some KC with Ember and Cas in veterans. All that matters is he is happy and I enjoy the classes at UKA and BAA so if we stick to those shows with him then so be it.

Anyway onto how they’ve have done, I am really pleased with how they’re doing considering they don’t get any training and I mean nothing. Cas had her first clear this weekend and won medium helter skelter, she is like a bat out of hell over medium height and I must admit I struggle to control her!

Ember is running really well to, she’s started testing me a little again (knew the angelic Ember wouldn’t last lol!) but otherwise she’s fab, there was one course at the weekend I was impressed at how we worked as it was very tricky. She had a 1st in Novice Snooker at UKA and a 1st in Jumping at BAA, she’s been getting 90% of her contacts so am pleased with that.

Then Rum, he’s fab, he’s my boy, he does as his told, doesn’t try and push the boundaries, he’s amazing. He had a 2nd in Senior Steeplecase and a 4th in Novice Agility (with held contacts but this has now taken him senior) at UKA and a 1st in Power & Speed and a 3rd in Agility (5F for a pole) at BAA. I have always loved running him, he’s just such a genuine, honest dog and he feels so smooth to run.

Ember turned 8 this week and Diz is now about 12 so Happy Birthday to the two non collies.
Emz @ 9weeks
Diz @ 6 months - shepherd ears!  Aww lol.