Monday, 9 February 2015

Dave Munnings Training

Doesn't seem that long since our last session, our March session has been postponed to April too so it's going to be a long time before our next one!

Sweep seemed to be flying today, he felt awesome, he did at one point forget how to do a wing wrap with a ketschker though but I think he was just trying to take the easy option!  A few little reminders and he was back doing them - little monkey.  You do forget they are only puppies and sometimes they get a bit bored of doing something or take a bit of  step back, so you do have to take them back a step.  Cas had not even started agility at his age and still turned out to be a good dog, am not going to rush him but it is good to do all these training days so I know what I need to be doing.  Dave is great as he still keeps things really good fun for the pups.  

I need to find something to do with him in March now - April is too far off!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Toni Dawkins at Deena's New Venue

A space came up in the foundation class with Toni Dawkins at Deena's new indoor training venue.  The venue isn't far off the M1 in Daventry.  For me it was a bit far as I seemed to sit in traffic all the way down the M1 and most of the way down the M6. It would be fine on a Saturday or Sunday but during the week it was horrendous so unfortunately I won't make the journey again.  However the venue itself is great as it is so nice to have a heated, clean venue and not worry about the dogs getting sand in the car etc.  There was also lots of room to take crates in and you could make yourself a hot drink and have some cake or biscuits :)

Training was great although Sweep slipped a lot on the astroturf.  We were only doing the basics like wing wraps and tunnels so didn't do anything involving a lot of flat out speed.  Sweep was great and listened to everything I told him to do, have to work on my arms and handling!  Learnt a lot :)