Saturday, 21 June 2008

Watford Agility

Rum ran Grade 4 Agility first, he was lovely - contacts nice and quick (though DWalk was a bit creepy) but he came out of his last weave then had a pole - have been working on some jumping exercises this week (see bottom vid), he isn't leaping as much as he used to so we're getting there. Then Grade 4 Jumping I actually remember to start turning him before a jump but did so too much and he pulled off - grrrr! In pairs he got Eliminated, it was such an easy course but I must admit I did leave him to it a bit and he dodged a jump - shame as he was going soooo nicely. We didn't seem to be in tune today, I think because I was in tune with the diddy dogs :-D

Cas ran pairs with my mum (who has only run Cas twice before and that's the only time she's done agility!), anyway despite her telling Cas left when she meant right they only went clear, really ashamed of Rum and I's round! LOL. Then Grade 6 Agility which I hadn't walked as wasn't sure I would run but I did and OMG, got a wait, she got all her contacts solidly and did it sooo nicely (wasn't a nice course!) but stupid handler pulled her off a jump commanding her like I did Rum! Lastly Grade 6 Jumping and a nice clear, she came 13th bless, it wasn't a Cas course as was quite big,

Ember was fab today, this dog is soo frustrating! In jumping we made a bit of a mess of everything which we tend to do in the first run. Then Agility and her contacts and wait and weaves were lovely, she refused the see-saw as needs really clear signals to contacts, then we missed a pull through and did a round lol but was reallt pleased. Finally the Euk Qualifier which was challenging and we were doing so well until we got to the A-frame, I started to get excited and didn't command her firmly and she missed it, after that I gave up for the next bit as was gutted, but she then went and picked the weaves up really nicely.

Video of most of the runs from the show:

Jumping training from Thursday:

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Newton Heath Agility

Rum has worked really well this show, on the Friday he had the first pole down in Combined 4-5 Jumping and would have been 3rd. Then Saturday he had the odd pole in the jumping and in Novice Olympia he was 8th despite a wide almost Elmination moment! On Sunday we started with Champagne Breakfast Stakes and he had a fab round, coming 2nd. Then we got round a testing Grade 4 Agility class and I went to see if he had been placed, he had only gone and won it!! In the Grade 4 Jumping he had a pole, then Agility we made a bit of a hash so was quite pleased to train his contacts. Last class was Combined 1-4 Helter Skelter and again he had a fab round, bouncing the jumps sooooo nicely and I went to presentations thinking he probably got placed and he had won it! He has worked so well, I think the only reason for poles is possibly because the ground was quite bumpy as he doesn’t normally knock poles. I didn’t want to win out of Grade 4 yet and thought we had stopped it by holding his dogwalk but not so! His first Grade 5 will be KC festival which I am really annoyed about as it’s such a competitive show and Rum isn’t really that fast I was hoping he wouldn’t be in till Dashin, so it’s a bit of a bitter sweet win really, guess I got to really do some training with him now!

Cas was working well too, on Friday she had a clear in Combined 6-7 Jumping but was on placed, then was clear in Combined 6-7 Jump N Gamble and came 3rd – really pleased with that, she bit Lee and Jack hee hee ;-). On Saturday she had an odd pole down in each jumping (I only entered her in jumping this weekend). On Sunday she had a nice clear and came 6th in Champagne Breakfast Stakes (beaten by Rum ha ha!) and just had a pole in jumping, then was 14th in Combined 5-7 Time, Fault and Out.

Ember we won’t mention as she spent the weekend missing her A-frame (me putting her back on) or if we got far enough missing weaves grrrrrr! Then in Time, Fault and Out she had the first pole down – only she could do that!