Sunday, 25 March 2012

Baughton Show

I decided to enter Baughton show so I could train the agility class with Ember and Rum.  Although I said I wouldn't enter indoor shows  with Rum I had done this one in the past and knew that you entered the rings at the entrance to the school so there was no queuing inside nor fighting past other very wound up dogs in a confined area.  It turned out to be a boiling hot day so it's a shame it wasn't an outdoor show, but then weather like this is a bit unheard of in March!!

Cas was entered in anysize on medium so she was clear round only, she had a fab round in the 5-7 jumping but had a bit of a loopy moment in steeplechase - merle brain was taking over a bit.  But she had a fab time and was so happy to be doing agility :)

Ember had a lovely clear in 5-7 Jumping and results were combined with all sizes, she came 6th.  In agility she sort of lost me after the tunnel but we were training anyway so I put her back over the A-frame, although she did get her contact she jumped off too early.  Then she had a fab round in Steeplechase and came 2nd.  Was really pleased with her as she really listened to me.

Rum I was really pleased with, the jumping class is quite a tight course at Baughton so he did struggle shortening his stride as you can tell by his jumping style!  But otherwise he worked really well, I tried to tighten a right turn in jumping and he pulled off a jump as I directed him too early - with the bitches I am directing them before they take a jump but with Rum he doesn't commit as early and will normally turn as soon as I tell him and I forgot this!  In agility I took his toy in just to make him realise he doesn't have to worry too much about his contacts so I was really pleased he was a bit speedier especially on his dogwalk.  In the steeplechase he took the tunnel when he shouldn't have which was just down to where he landed it was the obvious option and I didn't really expect it so wasn't calling him.  

So otherwise a good day and I was pleased with how they worked, Rum stayed calm especially when he went wrong I just did not make an issue of it and carried on like it didn't happen otherwise this again worries him if I make too much of an issue of it.  

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Well to cut a long story short and thanks to Julie Adams it seemed Rum had lungworm, we treated him before we went on holiday and a blood test last week showed his blood is back to normal.  So again everything happens for a reason, if they hadn't fought then we might not have found out until they were all seriously ill!

The wedding and holiday was absolutely amazing, we've both been back at work for a week so it's back to reality and am off to Crufts tomorrow to watch Lee Gibson in the champ class - good luck Lee!  Rum hasn't done any agility for a while so we're hopefully training next Saturday as  we then have a unaf. show the weekend after - having watched Crufts online and raring to start the season!!

Here are some pics from St Lucia: