Monday, 23 August 2010

One Horsepower to a Couple of Hundred

It’s been a while again, have had a bit of a rough time lately but thanks to support of friends and family I am gradually moving along the road to recovery.

Poor old Diz has developed severe arthritis in her neck/right shoulder so is now on metacam full time. It was awful to see her shaking in pain and squealing with the smallest movement.

I had to sell Bean as my knee just wasn’t up to the amount of work he needed, I found myself just hacking him a few times as anything more was too painful. He has a home with a local family (literally 2 mins away) who have their own paddock so he is getting lots more attention than I could ever give him.

I’ve bought a car to take to track days and do some drifting with, well it’s a joint car with my boyfriend – Toyota Mr2 GT. I have a rally driving scholarship final in 2 weeks and it was really to get some practice in for that, however am sure we will keep it and run it until it dies!

Dixie chick is a fab little kitten and although I haven’t done much training with her she has already figured out how to fetch and is driving us mad with it!! I’ve entered her first show in a couple of weeks to get her used to being handled by strangers, always good for doing media work etc.  Here's a little video of Rum getting her to play when she wasn't in the mood as was recovering from her second vaccination!!

I’ve got a musical interpretation day in a few weeks with Emmy Simonsen, I am sooo excited about it. If you haven’t seen any of her routines, look her up on Youtube, she’s amazing! Musical interpretation has always been my downfall and probably the main reason I stopped as I just ran out of ideas. So thought I would take the hairy one (Ember) as Emmy works her sheltie so well, it would be too much (stress wise) for Rum and Cas can’t do as much as she used to. I am soooo looking forward to it!!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Meet Dixie

I thought it was time, after losing Kali that we had a kitten, so her she is.  Meet Dixie, a 10 week old rescue kitten.  I am hoping she will follow in Kali's pawsteps and do some media work.  She already recognises the clicker and we have started working on a sit!