Sunday, 20 April 2008

Agility Addicts Unaf

I had my first judging appointment today (well I did a couple a few years ago but both were fun classes), so today I judged elementary and starters agility – I set a couple of flowing courses which didn’t have much of a course change between so was quite pleased with the way it went. Therefore I missed both Cas and Rum’s jumping classes.

Open Connector was first and Rum was flying (he has been having a lot more exercise lately and he is really on fire!) and it was quite a messy round with just a pole down. Novice Agility was next and it was quite a tough course for a big dog, we got round it really nicely until we came to a tight pull through – I thought I had got him but didn’t bring him through quick enough and he back jumped. In his second run he ran superbly I was so pleased with him but his A-frame was marked, shame as he would have won it.

Cas ran Senior Agility first which was another tough course, I managed to get her round the difficult bits but pulled her off the weaves too much and she went round a jump – then she missed her A-frame so I put her back over. In the second run she carried on after the tunnel and I can’t figure out why as I did exactly the same as I did in the first run, anyway she went and missed her A-frame again so I put her back on. I don’t know what to do as I even tested her on my courses and reinforced the contacts and she still went in the (same!) ring and missed them – she is so naughty!!! Open Connector we went clear but didn’t go the way we intended to and made it very difficult for ourselves and lost a lot of time! Tee hee.

Oh well one of these days we might go clear again!

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