Sunday, 14 December 2014

Dave Munnings Training

Today was our first training session with Dave Munnings at The Dog Training Barn.  I have trained with Dave before when Ember was competing and he was fab, it was the best training day we had done, I just think Dave's way suits me and he seems to be really clear in how he is training.  So when I saw these young dog sessions advertised I put my name down straight away.

We had a great day, learnt a lot and realised I really need to go back to basics with his drive and forward focus - am going to get the Q Me DVD out over Christmas.  I was really pleased with Sweep's focus though as despite it being indoors and a bit crazy and loud at times, it didn't blow his brains.  Sometimes I forget he is only 9 months and still a baby - he doesn't seem to have grown a lot the last couple of months and seems mature for his age.

I love the Dog Training Barn as they provide plenty of crates to put your dogs in, you can have a sit down, make yourself a hot drink and it is all indoors - plenty of space for big courses.  Not far off junction 11 of the M40 so it is dead easy to get to.  This is what I call civilised agility and I like it! :)

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