Saturday, 1 October 2011

UKA Top Barn

Wow what gorgeous weather, can't get over it, yet it's not too humid so it's just nice.

Well Rum was up first with his senior agility class, he was a bit creepy on his dogwalk and I pulled him in too tight on a left turn causing him to knock a pole, otherwise he ran nicely and did an awkward bit at the end lovely, he would have won the class without the pole knock.  Then was senior steeplechase 2 and he was flying round this, we messed up in the middle as he turned the opposite way out of the tunnel and whilst I corrected him I sent him into another tunnel!  Oops!  Senior Steeplechase 1 I got him there to go in first and had calmed him down, we were virtually on the start line when someone came along telling me she was helping so had to go first, I told her no she couldn't, I had Rum off his lead and ready to go.  I don't mind letting helpers push in but when I am virtually running my dog, sorry but I wasn't having it and Rum was in a perfect frame of mind.  So I got to go first and he had a lovely round and won the class.  Finally another senior agility and we made a right mess of one part, I was trying to flick him over a jump with the wrong arm! Goodness knows why!!

Ember had her two steeplechases and she just felt a little sluggish and flat, I got her back to the car and she was starting to develop some lameness in her one back leg, I couldn't see or feel anything wrong.  Anyway she starting biting her inside toe so I looked at it and my god it's double the size it should be!  So a trip to the vet is in order, I am no vet but it does actually feel broken and I wonder if she did it at Blenheim when she really knocked that wooden pole in her agility and pulled up - but she hasn't been lame at all in the meantime?  Just seems funny she pulled up at Blenheim after that class.

Finally Cas who just had Casual Steeplechase, she bombed round it and won it, I love that dog she is fabby :)

Rum is doing really well and not stressing at all, am really pleased with his progress.  Here's a piccie taken at the show.  We're supposed to be at Shrewsbury but I don't think we will now, so next show is TAG.

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